Review Policy

We are currently NOT accepting indie or self-pubbed titles for review, unless we have worked with you in the past. We continue to get requests even though we have had this policy up for a long time, and it is disrespectful to ignore a blog’s review policy. 


We will gladly accept ARCs, books, and e-books (MOBI or PDF format) from authors and publishers. With our increasing list of titles to read, we cannot offer set times for reviews, but we do our best to get them read and reviewed in a timely manner. We will also notify you when your review goes up but cannot promise a review. Our tastes change and if they have changed by the time we get to your book, then we won’t force ourselves to read it. And trust us when we say, if that happens you do not want us to read it. It won’t be pretty. Forced reading makes us angry.


We write honest reviews and sometimes we use snark. This means we cannot guarantee you a positive review. If you have read some of our past reviews, you know they can get brutally honest. We’re not saying this will happen to you, but we don’t hold back. We won’t remove a review an author doesn’t like. We never personally attack the author, but we are emotional reviewers. If you ask us to remove a review you don’t like (this has happened in the past), it’s not going to be received well.  If you attack us via email or Goodreads (anonymously or otherwise), there’s a chance we will go public with it. We don’t like writing negative reviews (we wish we could love every book) and most of our reviews are positive, but this needs to be said. Bad author behavior will not be tolerated. We’re saddened we even need to say this, to be quite honest. Learn to realize not everyone is going to love your book. Do not argue with ANY reviewer and tell them their opinion is wrong. 

We will gladly host interviews (by email). If you would like us to host a giveaway for you, we must first read a copy of your book and see if it’s something our readers might enjoy.  Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.

We love our indies and will gladly accept your indie novel for review if it is to our taste. Email us with a synopsis of what your book is about and we will consider it for review. We are currently NOT accepting indie or self-pubbed titles for review, unless we have worked with you in the past. There is simply too much author/reviewer drama going on right now and we are not willing to take any chances.This policy WILL change once the blogging climate changes. Keep in mind that our review queue is long and it may take a couple of months to get to yours if you submit it. As much as we would like to respond to every email we get, we just can’t or we would never get any reading done. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Our preferred genres are:

-Young-adult (any genre but Christian fiction)

-Cultural Fiction (Any, but preference to Asian)

-Science Fiction/Fantasy

-Adult Contemporary

-Literary Fiction


-Travel Fiction

-Books about Vikings or Norse Mythology

No Christian fiction, PLEASE.

If you are wanting to submit a book in a series for review and it is not the first book in that series, we will need any books that came before that book.

We won’t feature books on our blog that we have not read. To us this seems like an endorsement and it’s dishonest. So if you want to do a giveaway, guest post, etc. we need to read your book first. 

Sending us a book for review does NOT guarantee we will review it. There are various reasons why that may not happen. But we will do the best we can to get it reviewed.

To contact Kara please email her at:

To contact Lyn, please email her at:


Bekka is not accepting books for review at this time.

Mailing address will be provided upon request.