About Lyn

This is ME! <3

Hi there! My name is Lyn, and I hail from the more civilized part of Texas – the Dallas area. I am well into my 30s, but I feel young at heart.

I have two beautiful kitties, a Bombay mix named Loki and a flamepoint Siamese named Kili (after the dwarf). I share an apartment with my sister.

I have a day job – helping to send glasses and lenses to parts of the world, such as China and Mexico. I also volunteer to screen children who cannot afford glasses. If nothing else, my career allows me to connect to the community and help children and families in need. I graduated in 2013 with my B.S. in Science to become a teacher, but it is amazing where life will take you.

I adore cats. I might possibly be obsessed with them. If you post cat pictures on your Twitter or Instagram, then I need to follow you. Seriously, cats are my life.

I have a healthy fixation on Vikings and Norse mythology, and I love Scandinavia. It is my dream to either visit or live in Sweden or Norway. I am trying to learn a bit of Swedish (wish me luck!) and I hope that I can pick up enough to pass as someone who is slightly literate in the second language.

The kitties: Loki and Kili

I’m not much of a television enthusiast, but I do love the following shows: Star Trek (TOS and TNG), House, M.D., The Office (American), Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Futurama, Friends, Metalocalypse, Teen Titans, Justice League, and Batman: TAS. I am currently watching Orphan Black, and I am warming up to the show.  Yes, I am a huge cartoon fanatic.

I also have a few movies that I watch and love: The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, Empire Records, Labyrinth, any Thor movie, Ever After, How to Train Your Dragon, Howl’s Moving Castle. The Last Unicorn, and most Disney movies.

My favorite genre of books is young adult, and my back up genre is fantasy.  I have quite a list of favorite authors: Laini Taylor, Claire Legrand, Marcus Sedgwick, Leigh Bardugo, Courtney Summers, Jodi Meadows, Mindy McGinnis, and I am sure I have a million more.

You can reach me at heartlesslyn(at)gmail(dot)com.

You can email all three of us at our main blog address: greatimaginationsblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

Twitter: @Heartless_lyn

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