About Kara

KaraI’m the original founder of Great Imaginations. This blog has existed since March of 2011, and since then it has gone through SO MANY evolutions. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I love where we are at right now. Pixie, Lyn, Maryam, and I are quite the team, and we get along super well, and that’s the most important thing when having co-bloggers.

But this is supposed to be about me, Kara, so…

I’m 35. I’ve lived in three states, I have one husband, no children, two dogs, two cats, and they are all adopted. I am a huge advocate for pet adoption and it’s tough for me to bite my tongue when I see someone buying a pet when they are dying in shelters every day. There is just no excuse when literally any breed you want can be found in shelters if you are patient enough.

For the record, black cats are good luck, not bad luck. You’ll never be able to keep your house fur free if you have animals, so don’t even try, and kissing your pets relieves stress in ways you won’t believe. I’ve tried to convince the husband of this many times but he just won’t go there. I don’t care if I get fur in my mouth. I love my babies.

I try to live each day like it’s my last, even though I am a sufferer of depression, anxiety, migraines, hypothyroidism, and severe back pain. I never let it get me down, even though it’s hard at times. I am an optimist. And if I catch myself being too negative, I take a step back or take a break to correct myself.

I love nature, Science, other cultures, travel, all things Asia, herpetology, living in Florida, hiking, and appreciating nature and life in general. I love rain and thunderstorms. I miss New York City and my bookish friends. I miss my grandparents to pieces and still can’t get over their deaths to this day. Just knowing that they had such an impact on my life and who I am today gives me the strength to go on. I miss them fiercely. I am an atheist, but I hope I’m wrong because the thought of not being reunited with them someday absolutely crushes me like you wouldn’t believe.

I love I Love Lucy, The Golden Girls, Big Brother, and KDramas. I love reading in bed, candles, Katy Perry, rock music, crisp fall weather, Halloween, gardening, the ocean, classical piano music, and a good sunset.

As far as books goes, I’m incredibly eclectic. I love zombie novels, middle grade fantasy, gothic horror, everything young adult except books in verse, travel writing, literary thrillers, Asian fiction–there’s a good chance that whatever you throw at me I will try. I say that I won’t read romance, but one of my clients, Karina Halle, writes the best romance that I’ve ever read, so what do I know?

And that is me in a nutshell. If you’ve made it this far, we should probably be friends.