6th Annual Blind Date With a Book Giveaway

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Put down those chocolates, place the lids back on top of the ice cream containers, come out from behind your laptop screen, and pause your Netflix marathon, because it is the best part of the season of the heart: the annual BLIND DATE!

Each of our book bachelors and bachelorettes have completed their Dating Profiles, including some of their hobbies and what they’re looking for in a potential reader!  Once you’ve read through each profile, decide which mystery book you’d like to take out for a night on the town, or to your parents, or to the local motel.

There will be two winners chosen for this giveaway, and yes, it is international.  To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below, and don’t forget to leave a comment telling us which book you’d choose.  All books are 2018 releases.  Some books may not be out yet, in which case we will purchase a pre-order for you.



About Me: Hello Dashing Reader! I am here to find my one true star-crossed philosophized love, one in need of a queen by their side, and willing to tear down empires to find their companion (and even their destiny!)
Seeking: A reader looking for a timeless adventure
For Fun: Fighting wars, felling assassins, and blazing through time





About Me: Greetings to the readers out there. I am an older story, of older times, wishing to find someone to share in my battles on the field and of the heart as I combat ancient prejudices and look for a better future for my people, and my love life.
Seeking: The one willing to combine together others for the greater good (and for love)
For Fun: Slaughtering others for survival, forgiving old grudges, and bringing together the people






About Me: Hi! If I had to list one thing about me, I would say that even though this is all about the books, I also hope that there is someone out there who is madly in love with movies, too, since I’m here to find my own voice, and find the one my heart is really seeking
Seeking: A film nerd that is ready to explore the universe with me
For Fun: Filming life,  a summer of love, letter writing





About Me: Dear reader – I am not for the light of heart (mmm, hearts), for even though I reside in the sea, am feared, and quite legendary to your people, I also have a gentle human side that was forced upon me…just give me your heart now please.
Seeking: A reader willing to lose their heart – literally and metaphorically
For Fun: Collecting hearts, seeking sirens, getting the hands a bit bloody, walks on the beach





About Me: I’m not one to trust lightly – life’s really tough. But I’m sure that our feelings will start to develop as you transport me away to something better. Let me seduce you with some magic and mystery, and together, we can stoke some flames of lust and desire
Seeking: A reader who can improve my life
For Fun: Getting revenge, regicide, a bit of light murder





About Me: The magic has gone out of my life (for real, my dear reader), but I’m sure that I can find the one who can bring it back. If you are willing to face down haunting spirits, large cats and a really REALLY cute princes, then I’m sure that you are the one who can bring back the fire and life back for me.
Seeking: Someone who can bring the magic back into my life
For Fun: Bringing down the monarchy, igniting the magic in life, self control







About Me: Hello reader, I’m in need of healing, in a way. I’ve searched the universe for someone who can mend souls, heal wounds….fix androids. But more on that later. I’m in the market for someone who will travel the world (universe) with me (willing or unwilling – we might be running from the law) in search of adventure (my own gains, really).
Seeking: That special someone who can repair my heart (and my android)
For Fun: Android repair, space travel, running from the law






About Me: Hi there – have you ever just wanted to just leave? Just take off, grab your boots and go? I want that reader who wants to go with me – an aimless purpose, no end in sight, to just put their feet on the road and go where their heart, and their past, takes them.
Seeking: That one who has the touch of wanderlust, looking for a companion
For Fun: Breaking noses, cross dressing, wandering, dragons






About Me: To those who are reading: I do hope you like a bit of mystery, a bit of danger, and a lot of research, because if you choose me, expect the unexpected, and be ready to take off – for better or worse.
Seeking: Someone ready to take off in the middle of a storm into a dream – or a nightmare
For Fun: Attending traveling circuses, visiting old friends, finding out why one of your closest friends died







About Me: Hey there! I hope you like fun, gags, some delish food truck creations and a summer of romance, because I’m just the book you’re looking for! Pick me, and I’m sure that we can create a new you, a new me, and a new outlook on life!
Seeking: A reader that will invest in reinvention – and some yummy road side dishes
For Fun: Jokes, Food trucks, finding a new you





About Me: Hey hey reader – are you wanting that one book that will take you out for an unforgettable date among the stars? Well, look no further than right here! Grab your guitars, your dance numbers, and your space helmets, because we’re going to ROCK THE UNIVERSE together!
Seeking: The one reader ready to glam, sing, and take on space for a wild ride
For Fun: Singing, glitter, rock and roll, space….do you need anything need more than glitter?






About Me: Are you looking for a group adventure? If you like to be a part of a crowd then you have found the right book for you! Join our crew of four as we seek alliances, our future, and the ultimate prize?
Seeking: Someone who is in need of a mixed group of young people
For Fun: Wedding planning, shoplifting, revenge, saving one’s own skin

Again, there will be two winners. You may chose the format of your choice, if it’s available.  Some of these titles are not yet released.  If that’s the case, we will purchase a preorder for you! If the book is a sequel and you have not read the first book, you may choose that instead!

This contest is International!

One email per household, please.  We will check all entries and if you are found to be cheating you will be disqualified from this and any future giveaways on Great Imaginations. No giveaway Twitter accounts, please. We want to see you active on that account or we will disqualify you.

Contest ends February 20th at midnight.  Good luck!

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25 responses to “6th Annual Blind Date With a Book Giveaway

  1. Rebecca

    I love Blind Date With a Book, thanks for hosting again! It would be awesome if you revealed the titles after the giveaway ends, I’m intrigued to find out the date behind the book 😉 I would pick the one who’s interested in: filming life, a summer of love, letter writing. Though I’m also so intrigued by: Attending traveling circuses, visiting old friends, finding out why one of your closest friends died.

    • Yeah, I need to make a post with the titles. I think we did that the first couple of years and then fell off of it. We will put them up this year! 😉

  2. What a great contest!! So glad I found you through Twitter. If I were judging the books by the cover, I’d go with #10. By log line, I’d go with #9. I’d like to read about a cruise ship right about now. Thanks!

  3. Emmah

    I’d pick this one: “About Me: Hi! If I had to list one thing about me, I would say that even though this is all about the books, I also hope that there is someone out there who is madly in love with movies, too, since I’m here to find my own voice, and find the one my heart is really seeking
    Seeking: A film nerd that is ready to explore the universe with me
    For Fun: Filming life, a summer of love, letter writing”


  4. These are so creative, I have no clue what any of them are (well, I have a guess about book 8). And I’m so curious to find out! 😀
    I’d intrigued most by books 4, 10, and 11.

  5. _Sandra_

    I really need to know the titles of all the books so that I can read them all. 😁 They all sound equally interesting, hard to choose just one. I’m intrigued with the one with film nerd, food truck and rock the universe one.
    Thank you for a generous giveaway!! ❤️️ Blind date giveaways are the best!

  6. Autumn

    This is the best idea for a giveaway! And who made the mystery covers because they are awesome. I would probably pick android fixing, but’s I also love big cats….

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