Imaginative Discussions: LeVar Burton Reads!

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There’s only a small number of people on this planet I’d allow to read to me… such a small number that I could probably count them on one hand, and one of the top people to get this privilege is LeVar Burton. I grew up with Reading Rainbow, and it only made me love reading more, and grew up with Star Trek because I’m also a pretty big dork in that area too. Haha. So naturally when I heard he was going to be doing a weekly podcast, I had to check it out.

It’s easily described as “Reading Rainbow for adults” and this is what he does best, reads to his audience. Even if you’re normally not a reader or you hate audiobooks, this podcast can be and will be easily enjoyed. Burton reads with such conviction and emotion that he holds your attention. And with this new series, each week delivers a new short story- the longest so far having been about fifty minutes, and the shortest about thirty-five.

And here’s the best news: It’s free to listen. Yup. FREE. We all love that word. Go here to listen to past and new episodes.


I may not be personally reading much at the moment, but I look forward to the episodes every week so that I can hear a new story from him.


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  1. I love LeVar’s podcast. My favorite episode is Kin, but the passion he has for each piece he presents makes each episode a joy.

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