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Hello! It has been quite some time since anyone has heard from me, I know, so I thought I’d offer up a quick (and hopefully not too long & boring) update on the latest happenings in Pixie-land.

The last time I had posted was in MARCH.. I told you it’d been awhile. And instead of the initial one review I’d made (Ready Player One), I had intended to write up another review about a week later of Hamilton – the book, not the play… I’m not that lucky – but then life hit again and I forgot to write up the review. Unfortunately at this point, if I even tried to write it, it would be so short and terribly written because of the time it’s been since finishing it. I’ll just tell you it was really good and whether you usually like biographies or not, go for it because it’s not a typical biography style.

Okay with that said, I’ve barely read much of anything this year. I haven’t read anything since those two. I started Strange the Dreamer and though it started so amazing and I look forward to picking it up again when the reading mood strikes, it’s sat on my side table for the last month untouched with a bookmark at page forty-something. It’s not that I’m in any reading slump either, it’s just I’m simply in this mood where I just don’t feel like reading. I have been in moods like this before. And I tried explaining this to a friend a dozen times before that kept calling it a slump. I know it might sound confusing seeing as how most everyone in this community are bookworms. I certainly am too. But I will go a few years reading a book or two a week or more. Then one year I just don’t feel up to reading much at all, don’t want to, and rather reach for television remote. The difference between this and a slump (for me) is that when I’m in this type of mood, I’ll still pick up a book and read. I’ll get the urge to read, just much less, and will likely read slow. During slumps, the desire to read is there but when I try to read anything, the motivation isn’t and I’ll constantly set it down or switch to different books or find very small problems to dislike/DNF books. Anyways, if I’m not reading anything, and I haven’t other than my school textbooks, I have a bit of a problem posting for the blog. Which sucks… and makes me feel pretty awful as time goes by and I still haven’t posted anything. The more time goes by, the shittier I feel until I start to withdraw and then I start feeling anxious about even posting anything at all.

School has kept me insanely busy. When I’m not doing school work, I am having down time watching television or catching up with people. I’m taking two-three hour tests every night and writing two-three four page papers a week. And this is just the beginning courses.  I start Social Psychology this week and will start on research papers that require six pages, likely two of those a week. And then I start government and law courses in August. But I’m enjoying it actually! The material is really fascinating and keeps me thinking.

I’ve also been dealing with some health issues but I don’t want to get into too many details on that. Thyroid bullcrap as usual, but I am okay right now.

So you see… pretty boring for the most part. School, lots and lots of television, twitter, non-reading, more school. That’s been me the past couple of months. I’m not exciting at all. Lol.

I have a few ideas to hopefully try and get me posting around here regularly, or at least more often, despite my current non-reader status at the moment. Then whenever I do finish reading something, I’ll post a review of course. I just didn’t want anyone to forget I’m still here, and I haven’t forgot about anyone either! <3


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