Imaginative Discussions: Why Are YOU Blogging?

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HELLLLO. Miss me? Guess not. Most book people don’t really like me much these days because I tend to speak my mind brutally on Twitter, but I don’t really mind. BUT ANYWAY, yeah I know, it’s weird how I started off this post, but I make no apologies for it. It’s been a rough 2017, and aside from the fact that book Twitter is being blown to smithereens, my dream of ever going to the USA is kinda crushed. Why? Because almost half of the Americans, who deemed themselves the one and fucking only people in this worldthought that it was a good idea to vote for a racist asshole [Edited: I would like to apologize for this insensitive remark and I’m sorry if I hurt anyone. I was pretty frustrated and was at the edge while writing this review, and I know that’s inexcusable and I apologize. I know most Americans did not vote for this racist, bigoted orange, and the last thing y’all needed was criticisms.], WHO may I remind all of you, HAS NO BACKGROUND IN PRESIDENCY NOR DIPLOMACY NOR POLITICS WHATSOEVER but whatever. UGH I am not here to talk about that so excuse me.

I am here to talk about the fact that I lost sight of blogging. I’m sure we all did. It’s like these days I stopped blogging because I am scared of having a different opinion. I’m scared of someone coming up to me and being like why didn’t you realize that this book was racist?! or why are you reading this problematic book?! Yep, I’m that person. I’m that person that half of book Twitter hates because I absolutely read anything and everything that I want. I grew up with parents who banned me from reading, and when I turned 21, I promised myself that I would never ever let another person stop me from reading what I want to read. So no matter how many people I anger, yes, I still am going to read that Sarah J. Maas book that is full of mayonnaise people. And other stuffs like that. Do I love that book or rather her books? YES. It makes me happy. Should I hate a book that I actually loved before I even knew the book blogging world existed? NO. Am I still going to recommend that book to people? YES. It’s my favorite book, so of course I will. But I am also going to be like, btw her books are super white-washed, so if you don’t mind, go aheeaaaaad.

But anyway, I’m straying away from my main point, which was I stopped blogging because I cared too much about what other people might think about my opinion on books.

And then.

I remembered why I started blogging in the first place.

It wasn’t because of the ARCs. (Never got much of them either, cos I live in Singapore.)

It wasn’t because of making bookish friends, though this was a bonus.


It definitely wasn’t because I wanted people to give their opinions about my opinions.

**No offense intended, but people weren’t the reason for me to start blogging. It was purely my love for books. I wanted to spazz, scream, dance around with my favorite books and remember about how I was banned from reading books at home. Yeah, I definitely could not do all that at home, so I decided to use blogging as my platform to scream as loud as I want about books that I love.

And THAT’S why I started blogging. And that’s also why I’m here again. Because:

Screw people.

Screw everything around you.

You love a book that everyone hates? IT’S OKAY.

You love a problematic book? ERM, maybe reread it again and think about it, but if you still love it, to each his own I guess HAHAHA.

You want to read a problematic book? GO AHEAD. Maybe don’t buy it though? I mean, you might not like it in the end, and it kinda sucks if the money you wasted goes straight to the author, so maybe borrow it from the library?

But you know, you get what I mean, right? If you wanna blog about books, or read books, do it for yourself, not someone else.


**This line “No offense, but..” made me laugh out loud because I just finished reading I’ll Give You The Sun and it talks about how the most offensive people always use that line and HAHAHAH I really do think I’m offensive but anyway do check out the review on my personal blog okay bye!

15 responses to “Imaginative Discussions: Why Are YOU Blogging?

  1. I understand how you feel, and also share a lot of your frustrations — my country is being ruined by a racist that I and the majority of Americans did not vote for. That’s the thought that keeps me hopeful. 3 more million people voted for Clinton than him, and just about half the country didn’t vote at all. Just keep in mind that almost half the country did not vote for him — it was just about 25%. Still inexcusable, but not the great majority saw him for what he was.

    I’ve dealt with problematic books/authors before. For example, Orson Scott Card, who wrote an AMAZING book called Ender’s Game and who generally writes good books, donates a lot of his money to anti-LGBT organizations, which is NOT okay with me. So, yes, I still read his books even though he has problematic views of the world, but I don’t buy them and I generally don’t review them, because I can’t in good conscience contribute to giving him money. I think it’s okay to read things that are problematic with the understanding that they do, in fact, marginalize groups of people or handle situations poorly. The key is awareness and analysis.

    I hope you feel better, and I’m sorry it’s been a rough start to the year.
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    • Hi! I just want to apologise for that insensitive remark that I made about how most Americans voted for Trump. That’s not true.

      And yes, the key is awareness, yknow? But that should not stop someone from reading what they want, and yeah, I don’t really buy books that have problematic authors because I don’t wanna support them, yknow?

      • Not a problem. 🙂 There’s a lot of anger going around, and I understand. Thanks for apologizing. 🙂

        Yes, the key is definitely awareness. People should definitely read what they want, but it’s also okay to grab a copy from the library or borrow a friend’s copy if you don’t want your money going to something you don’t like.
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  2. Well said! Nice to see you back and keep on blogging the way and why you started. It’s the only whats gonna make you come back to your blog and move you forward lol 😉

  3. Where do you get your facts?? 19% of Americans voted for Trump. He LOST the popular vote. He’s president because the people wealthy enough to buy an electoral college vote voted him in. America is not a nation full of Trumps, not even by half. We’re a nation with a broken political system that we are actively fighting to fix (and losing). We’re in need of help, not vitriol. PLEASE.

    As far as blogging- yes, absolutely do it for yourself. If you’re engaging others in conversation, that’s fine, but good to keep sight of the joy it brings you.
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    • I truly apologise for my insensitive remark. I admit that I might have been quite frustrated when I wrote this blog post, hence leading to the inaccurate fact, even though I do realise that most Americans actually did not vote for him. I am truly sorry. I guess it was caused by some recent racist activities that have been going on in my country as a result of Trump’s Muslim ban. But I sincerely apologise. And yes, I agree that you guys do not need more criticisms from outsiders.

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