Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Us!

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Top Ten Tuesday

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: Top Ten Facts About Us!

Do you ever read over our reviews, or our discussion posts, or our Twitters, and wonder, who the heck are these people, and what the heck is going on in their heads??

Well, today is your lucky day! Pixie and I are sharing our top ten facts about ourselves for today’s Top Ten Tuesday!



I really love cats. Like, maybe it is a borderline obsession. I love big cats, little cats, in between cats. I adore them. I don’t believe that crazy cat lady is such a horrible label. I also love elephants and birds. When I go to any zoo, I hit up those three areas right away.

On the flip side, I’m scared silly of alligators/crocodiles, monkeys and snakes. I avoid those parts of the zoo.

I’m very sensitive and empathetic. I tend to let my emotions get the best of me, and I often have to step away from social media and stressful events to keep myself together. I’m trying my best to grow a thicken skin and doing what I can to prevent taking comments personally, but it isn’t hard to hurt me.

I have a sweet tooth. I wish I was one of those adults that stopped liking sugar once they grew up, but I never did. I love anything sweet. I’ve scaled back recently on the sweets due to health reasons, but I certainly love to look for a new chocolate flavor (right now, I discovered pecan and peach chocolate!) and I love to add some extra time to my workout routine to be able to sneak in a cookie or a bite of cake.

I’m dyslexic and it makes it hard to read a computer screen. Therefore, I’m not the best review writer, and I hate editing my own reviews. I’m also horrible at grammar and language is not my strong point. I’m downright crappy at writing. I do hope to be an author one day. I know I am not going to be an outstanding author. I have a healthy amount of respect for authors and other bloggers, and I am always amazed at others who have a knack for writing.




I’m not good at About Me stuff. I start to stutter when people ask me to tell them things about me so I’ll try here and see what I can do. Lol. I think I can manage though. It should be simple enough, right?

I love animals. I love them more than people. Sorry people. Specifically cats of all kinds big and little, but I also love dogs and elephants and seals and bears… animals. I’m terrified of spiders to the point of a phobia. I also have a phobia of ferris wheels– yes you read that right. I know it’s weird. I’ll ride any rollercoasters usually, but do not put me near a ferris wheel. Ha.


I’m a self-published author with still a lot of experience to be learned. It is my dream to one day be traditionally picked up, but right now I’m on a writing break. I’m currently in school for psychology and law.

I have five tattoos with no plans of stopping anytime soon (my mother hates them, lol). And my favorite show of all-time is Supernatural.


So I believe that’s about it for a few facts! 😀



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  1. Yay for cats!! Cat people are amazing people! Spiders don’t bother me too much, but I am deathly afraid of all reptiles {especially snakes, but lizards freak me out too}.

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