Story Sprites Round Five

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Welcome to the forth round of Story Sprites!

This reading challenge will allow you to pick your own books that correspond with each “path,” which is indicated by color. Since we love our readers, there will be prizes!

So, how do you participate? Read below for the Story Sprite Rules:

1. You can complete any number of the paths. The maximum is 5.

2. Pick your path. Each path is indicated with a color (pink, yellow, green, blue and purple). Select books that correspond with the description. An example is listed below:


3. To complete a path, pick a book that meets the requirement for each square and read it. You must read one book PER square. DNFs count, but please try to finish as many as possible. After you are finished with each square of a color, you have completed a path!

4. As it was mentioned above, you can do just one color, or all of the colors.

5. Please keep track of your books and your completion. It can be in any format you wish. A blog post, on Facebook, handwritten, Microsoft Office, or whatever. 

At the end of the current round, you can earn rewards!

The reward system:

When you complete a path, you will earn a badge to place on your blog, or anywhere you want to display your new shiny token.


This isn’t a complete badge. When you gain these badges, you might notice something familiar about them! This is where the sprite plays into the theme! We don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Here at Great Imaginations, we love giveaways as well. At the end of each round, we will pick 3 winners to win a book up to $15!

Each badge you earn/path you complete will gain you an entry. So if you complete the yellow path, you gain the yellow badge and one entry for the giveaway. If you complete the blue path and the red path, you gain the red badge, the blue badge, and 2 entries. If you complete the entire game board, you gain all five badges plus an extra entry (six total, because we love you).

To be eligible for entry, please provide the complete list of books you’ve read for each path at the end of the round. We will be putting up a post at the end of the season where you can link up your progress. You can also leave your lists in the comments of that post. Then you can email us for your badges, and boom, they are yours to display! There will also be a Rafflecopter for you to enter!

You have until October 1st to complete the game board. This allows you three months, and we post four game boards a year.

Have any more questions? Please e-mail us or tweet us, and we will be happy to answer!

Here is the fifth round of Story Sprites! Good luck! See you in October!!

[Round five board]

Want to join in? Announce your intent in the comments so we know who is participating! Have fun!

 Know anyone you think would enjoy Story Sprites? Please recommend us and spread the love!

14 responses to “Story Sprites Round Five

  1. Rebecca

    Sounds fun! I’ll be joining in this round 🙂 Thanks for hosting, hopefully I’ll have made lots of progress by October.

    • You can create a post, you can create a Goodreads shelf, a word document, or whatever you want to use to keep track. A blog post helps us spread the word but it is not required to participate! 🙂

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