Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons We Love Cats

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Top Ten Tuesday

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: Top Ten Reasons We Love Cats (pick your own topic week!)

So this week, we were left to our own devices and picked our topic for something that we loved. Maryam was a brave soul and paired up with me. When we started to look at topics, Maryam threw out “cats.” I had my mind set on bookish themes, but then I looked down at one of my little brats, and it just hit me that I would love to share my love for cats. Because I love them. Cats, all cats. Cats are awesome. So, this week, Maryam and I are sharing our top ten reasons why we love cats!


You Get What You Give

Something that I hear complaints about is that cats are aloof and that they couldn’t care less if something happened to you. After a lifetime of owning cats, I can say that this is not true. You have to earn their respect and their love. They aren’t just going to hand out affection because you are there. Even though you feed them and provide them with housing, they were also bred to depend on us, so why should humans get the credit for a system they set up? Cats are “reap and sow” creatures – you get out what you put in. I spend a lot of time with my cats, and I treat them like equals. They have their own space, their own toys, and their own items, like pillows and dishes. If you treat a cat like an animal or an object, they’ll repay you with the minimal effort of affection as well. For such tiny creatures, you certainly can receive a lot of love and affection from them!

They Have Large Personalities

No two cats are alike. That might sound so matter of fact, but one of the best things about cats is watching their personalities bloom when you see them or adopt them. Clayton was so different from Maxwell, who was nothing like Loki, who is sometimes the opposite of Kili. I will always love Clayton for his lifelong confusion and constant purring. Loki is very special to me because he was a hard nut to crack, but he is turning out to be so giving and goofy. Kili is darling with his confident personality and his weird little quirks, like scratching around the water bowl when he drinks. Maxwell was such a tough, hard cat, but he still acted silly, and he was loyal as hell. There is some overlap with certain traits, but each of my kitties have distinct personality traits, like a cat-styled treasure hunt.

Cats Heal You!

Did you know that kitty purrs are at a frequency that is therapeutic? Seriously, look at this infograph from Daily Infographic:

Cats Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Cats just plain look awesome. I adore house cats and big cats. I would say that tigers are my favorite animals, because cats bring out the artist in me. They move like poetry and look like living art. I believe that cats are one of the most beautiful things, ever. They sound lovely, and they look like an ultimate creator worked long and hard on perfecting the cat.

They Are the Ultimate Personal Mascot

Cats are my familiar – if people were to have a personal mascot, I would pick a cat in a heartbeat. I identify and relate to the mythology and history surrounding cats. They’re hated and misunderstood because of their intelligence and independence. They are loyal to the people who love them. They’re clean, they like to sleep, and they are very picky. They are seriously, silly, and demanding. Under all of that, they have a huge heart. Cats don’t withhold love. They are waiting for the right people to share it with. They love and they dislike with intensity. If they are scarred, they don’t forgive. If they are loved and worshiped, then they will return your devotion and affection with love that only a cat can have for their person. I’m so much like a cat, and I suppose that I was destined to love them. “Kitty” was my first word after the typical “Mama” and “Dada”. No one in my family has ever given me a hard time over my lack of kids because they knew from the age of five that I adored cats. When Clayton passed away, my grandmother, a person who isn’t one for nonsense, was so upset that she couldn’t say his name for a while because she knew that I loved that cat like a child. I am a trans-species person – I think I was supposed to be born a cat. Because I have always remembered loving them, and they have always loved me.


OKAAY, so Lyn’s part is pretty preeeettttty. AND SO MANY CAT PICTURES. I’m afraid my part won’t have that much, because I don’t have cats at home. I would love to have one someday. Or maybe 235. DEPENDS ON HOW ALONE I AM.


You cannot tell me that this is not true, because it’s proven everywhere. Hello, Egypt has them as royalty, and I’m pretty sure there’s a small tiny town in the world that has a cat as their mayor. #legit

Like true queens, cats tend to walk around with their head held high with that self-confidence that we all wish we possessed. They let no man rule them, hence there’s no teaching them to sit, or play dead, because cats don’t answer to humans. HUMANS ANSWER TO CATS.

Adoraaaable little jsafjkdbakjg

Yes, I am pretty aware that this might not be a valid reason as beauty  (or rather, adorableness) is in the eye of the beholder, BUT HELLO HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? CATS ARE THE CUTEST, MOST ADORABLE CREATION IN THIS WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. I’m not biased. Everything they do is ultra adorable, the way they yawn, the way they sit, eat, meow, and YES EVERYTHING.

Cats are secretly part-human

Do I believe this? Of course. I also believe that someday cats are going to take over the world and I would gladly be their humble servant. #yesplease I mean, honestly, there are times when cats actually act like humans, and I honestly think that it’s because they are a part of us. It’s either that, or they’re secretly learning our ways. Either way, someday they will rule our world.

Cats are SO NOT clingy

I don’t mean this in a way that says clingy is bad. No, clingy is GOOOD. It’s just that there are times when you don’t feel like taking care of someone else, or you need to go out. Cats, well, they take care of themselves. You can just leave them at home all alone and they won’t even realize that you’re gone. (True story: My boyfriend’s cat, Moo, tends to hang out at the window, or prowl around in his room to sleep on his bed when nobody is home.)

Okay. So I know I have only FOUR points, but I’m going to cheat here, HAHAHA because Lyn has said most of the things that I wanted to say. SO YAY, did we manage to convince you to adopt all the cats?


8 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons We Love Cats

  1. Loooove all these kitty pictures girls! I have two cats and I love them to pieces! I agree with everything you brought up here^^ I agree, cats are NOT aloof they are very caring, they’re just more chill and independant about it. They’re loyal, unique and really the best ♥ Brilliant topic choice, I just love all of it 🙂
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    • I left for a week and when I came back, Loki has been like Velcro to my side. He missed me so much. He is one of the most loving creatures, ever. I had to build up my relationship with him. People who hate cats just don’t understand that you have to invest in quality time, that you have to earn it, and they will love you forever.
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