Top Ten Tuesday: Our Favorite Non-Bookish Websites

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Top Ten Tuesday

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: Websites We Love That Aren’t About Books

Sometimes, you have to throw the hatch off the bookverse and peer around at the outside world, partaking in other social activities, such as eating, showering, working for a living, etc etc.

We all oddly – gasp – do other things outside of holing up in our safe spots and read all day, either by necessity or due to social standards, because the world is an unfair horrible place. This week, Kara and I share our top websites that we love that have nothing to do with books.



I finally have a love for clothing and looking like a plump little fashion plate, and Torrid has a great combination of geek attire and tasteful work appropriate clothing. I can buy my Batman shirts and my bootcut black trousers all from one location, and I love it. The accessories are cute, and I can snag some darling Disney trinkets. Since I have a mother that loves all things anatomy (aka skulls), I even get a lot of my Christmas shopping done here for her year round. Overall, I check daily for new, updated clothing.


I love cosmetics. Makeup and beauty always gets such a bad rap, but I see nothing wrong with taking care of your skin, hair, face, nails, and other parts of your body. Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that has exploded and turned into a wonderful website. If you review your monthly samples, you earn points, and after so many points rack up, you get real money off of products you order out of their online store. Not only have I discovered new and better products for myself, and used items I would have never looked twice at in the stores, but I have been able to find products for other people in my life. I just bought Sissy some lotion that works magic on her skin, and my mother has fallen in love with a mascara that she discovered through Birchbox. I just love the community and the environment of the website, and the boxes have been life savers.


If you want makeup that is a bit on the wilder side, look no further than Sugarpill. I have been a fan ever since I bought my first jar of wildly-colored pigment. The Facebook page run by the website features a lot of outstanding makeup artists, and even supports male-gendered people wearing makeup – SO AWESOME! I adore this website, and I am so excited that they are delving into lip color soon. The new line of nail polish is nothing short of amazing, and when they release a limited edition color, I’m always stoked.


Just hear me out on this – I know that Cracked has its fair share of horrible trolls and some pretty disgusting individuals, but it seems that as of late, the site is covering a lot more than just penis-influenced articles. They are covering weekly news updates, interviewing people from all walks of life (such as porn stars and people with Munchhausen’s), and my favorite – the site is taking on topics like rape and sexual assault. Cracked interviewed a guy who committed rape in college, and even women who were impregnated by rapists.  Some of the comments and articles really piss me off, but the site is actually working to try to break down that wall and get some things out in the open that we need to talk about. They cite their sources, which I appreciate, and I find that I have a more open attitude towards the humor site.

Post Secret

I can still remember when the website was new, and when Frank’s project was in the infancy stage. But Post Secret has been a tradition with my family for so many years now. Some of the post cards have opened up discussions between myself and my family, and I started to learn some things about myself personally via the website. Also, I’ve started to feel less alone and left out of the world, and I actually feel a connection to the human race after reading many of the secrets on the website.


Ice Network


When I am not busy reading or blogging, I am busy being obsessed with figure skating. These days, it’s not so easy to find the competitions I want to watch on TV, and Ice Network is where it’s at. For a seasonal fee, all competitions are available to stream on the site, including the Grand Prix circuit, Nationals, Four Continents, Europeans, Worlds, and the Team Challenge Cup. It is pretty much the ONLY way to catch these competitions in their entirety if you live in the U.S. I have been a figure skating fan for many years, but just recently became obsessed with it again. And I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

NOAA National Hurricane Center


The time is almost upon us. Hurricane season officially starts June 1st. And every year I am ready with this website. Following hurricanes is a part of life when you live in Florida. But I also really ENJOY it. I love tracking storms, and since I live in central Florida, it would have to be a massive hurricane to do severe damage to any of my belongings. NOAA has a lot of great tools for the tracking of storms and monitoring their severity and formation. During hurricane season, I check it daily, and sometimes more than once a day. I have it bookmarked on my toolbar and it’s one of the first things I check when I log in in the morning.


When you log in to Pogo, you won’t see the same site that I do, unless you are a Club Pogo member. I just recently signed up for Pogo again because I missed some of the games that I used to love. I was a big Pogo player in the early 2000s, but then I kind of got burned out and moved on to other things, like book blogging. But I’m a member again, and even though the site isn’t as great as it used to be (man do they need to update their games for newer systems), I am loving that I get to play Lottso and other games that I used to love again.

Jokers Updates


LOL all of these sites are going to be absolutely useless to you guys unless you are into any of the same things that I am. Jokers Updates is my Big Brother bible, basically. It’s where I go to get caught up on any of the events in the house that I may have missed. There are a lot of great blogs and update sites out there, but I just find the Jokers site the easiest to use. There are links for news and rumors, live feed updates, polls, houseguest rankings, and a fantasy game to play for Big Brother USA. I used the site for Big Brother Canada too, and though it’s not as interactive, it still had most of the information that I needed.

Bath and Body Works


I am really, really into bath and beauty stuff. Not so much makeup, as I don’t really wear very much of it anymore, but I am into relaxing in the shower and bath, and also aromatherapy for my anxiety and stress level. I am always up for trying new fragrances, but BBW carries my favorite cents–white citrus, warm vanilla sugar, sensual amber, wild madagascar vanilla, country chic, rainkissed leaves, mahogany teakwood, eucalyptus basil, lavender vanilla. Unfortunately, a lot of the scents I love are retired, meaning I have to shop online to get them because they aren’t available in stores. Not only that, but when fall rolls around, I buy a LOT of candles from them. I love the warm fall, foodie scents with vanilla, pumpkin, pecan, apple, etc. Basically I keep them in business. Or so Dan says anyway.


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