Imaginative Discussion: What is a LOVE TRIANGLE actually?

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The idea for this discussion popped into my head when Tika @ Fangirl Confessions started ranting on her Twitter about how ridiculous fans are for getting angry that a certain ship didn’t work out in a certain book (sorry, I don’t wanna spoil anyone!), and that they were blaming it on love triangles. And then she said this:

And I was just there like HOLY CRAP SOMEONE SAID IT. SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT. So here I am, trying to help you be clear about what actually is a love triangle. People automatically assume that a love triangle is when there are TWO guys and ONE girl, or vice versa. But that’s an invalid assumption to make, because you have to look at the flow chart. (YES, I MADE A FLOW CHART HAHAHA.)


“But Maryam, most books are about girls who are uncertain about either guys. There just ISN’T a book where a love triangle doesn’t happen when there’s 2 guys and 1 girl.” WRONG. Read The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye (which you have to get because HOMG SO GOOD), because that book is a PERFECT example of a non-love triangle that includes 2 guys and 1 girl.

Also, another point that I want to make is what Tika actually said. When a female character LEAVES her love interest, and FALLS in love with someone else, that is NOT a love triangle. It just means that she got sick of the previous guy, didn’t love him, or whatever. *coughQueenofShadowscough* AHA OMG THAT IS A GOOD EXAMPLE. Crown of Midnight has love triangle, but Queen of Shadows DOES NOT HAVE LOVE TRIANGLE. Makes sense? If this confuses you, then read them and think about the relationships that were in those book.

Basically, my whole point is: Love triangle is when a girl flirts with BOTH guys, BACK AND FORTH, without making a decision. Vice versa, too. OKAY?


6 responses to “Imaginative Discussion: What is a LOVE TRIANGLE actually?

  1. I’ve always thought at love triangles consisted of two guys and one girl, and the girl can’t pick between Guy 1 and Guy 2. Or maybe Guy 1 and Guy 2 are fighting over the girl. I’m glad I was right. 😀 I didn’t know defining love triangles could actually be confusing! xD Awesome post, Maryam!
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  2. Hi Maryam, there was this one series that I read and was completely an devoted fan, after the third and then the fourth book a lot of readers were saying that the female character should get together with he ex brother, and a lot of readers were say that the brother had a thing for her. I was completely against that because I thought he’s just there to be annoyed to his younger brother. But then book five happen and that changes everything I had said and even the author wrote a post saying WHY its not a love triangle. In the end of the series I was happen with where the female was and truly has found her eternal soulmate

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