Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books That Will Make You Laugh

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Top Ten Tuesday

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: Ten Books That Will Make You Laugh

Slap stick, underhanded, dry, slick, masked, unintended, bad, corny, cheesy, silly, cheeky – just like ice cream, everyone has a flavor of humor that they love the most. Comedy is a rare asset in books, where it seems welcomed in a majority of circumstances.

This week, Pixie and I share our best jovial reads!


Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis

Poor Dimwit the “dwarf” drone! The little guy tries so hard, but his antics really endeared this book to my heart. Any time you can end a passage with “welding a foot to the floor” to ease the tension and punctuate the fondness Essie holds for her dear drones. Even Cusser could get me laughing when his appearances popped up in the novel.

“If we go ahead with it…if you say yes…how do we tell our children that we fell in love after I kidnapped you?”

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

I know I often foam at the mouth about this book, but one of the beautiful things about this book is that none of the themes seem to beat the reader over the head. When Cline uses touches of humor in his book, it was just perfectly timed and quite memorial. Seriously:

“You could shove it up your ass and pretend you’re a corn dog.”

The Martian by Andy Weir

This one is a pretty clear choice. The entire book was a humor-space nerd sandwich. But I love it when a funny, comical book is well written and keeps me addicted until the end.

“He’s stuck out there. He thinks he’s totally alone and that we all gave up on him. What kind of effect does that have on a man’s psychology?” He turned back to Venkat. “I wonder what he’s thinking right now.”

LOG ENTRY: SOL 61 How come Aquaman can control whales? They’re mammals! Makes no sense.”

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

How is Bardugo the Comic Queen?! She just adds the most perfect little punches into her novels, and it is nothing less than amazing. I honesty wish I had her knack for humor. But in the meantime, I will just kick back and enjoy reading her special brand of funnies.

“Thanks for the rescue.”

“Everyone needs a hobby.”

“I thought yours was preening.”

“Two hobbies.”

Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened by Allie Brosh

If anyone can narrate my life, Allie would be it. It is odd how I can read her stories and see so much of myself, something that I never could tell another person, or even put into words, but her humor-in-the-tragedy approach to life makes me feel a little less alone in the world.

“How am I supposed to like myself if all these shitty things keep happening because I do them???” 


I know, I know. I say every time it’s my turn that I didn’t get to have the time to pretty up my side of the post like Lyn, but this time I really really really didn’t. I’ve been basically without access to much technology except mobile for the last week because my laptop nearly blew up and had to go in the shop. Lol. I just got it back this morning (the day before TTT) and had to rebuild it so-to-speak. More on that when we do our end of month wrap up, though. Let me get to my selections here!

1.  Harry Potter

Who didn’t laugh throughout parts of the entire Harry Potter series? Sure it wasn’t always fun and games, but I know I found myself laughing out loud more times than I could count by the time I finished all seven books.

2. Vampire Academy

Lot of laugh out loud moments in this series, including the spinoff Bloodlines, all because of the wit & sarcasm, and Adrian.

3. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

This is something that didn’t necessarily have laugh moments, but made me laugh out of ridiculousness. But it was good! I was just genuinely surprised how good and laughed so much at the absurdness of it.

4. Wuthering Bites

Another monster mash-up that had the same effect as the previously mentioned book.

5. Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Zuz & Mik totally made the humor for me throughout these books. I know not everyone is a fan of their characters, but I was constantly smiling and laughing at them.

What books have made you laugh?

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