Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights

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Top Ten Tuesday

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: Top Ten Bookworm Delights

Book blogging/enthusiast, there are certainly a fair share of drawbacks and obstacles, such as storage, time constrains, money woes, trends, book selection, and other such concerns. But in our area, we have so many things that balance out the issues and troublesome topics.

This week, Maryam and I are covering out top delights and joys that come with being a bookish being.


Authors and Social Media

When an author you love follow you/tweets you/messages you, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  Sure, no one around you will get it, but the fact that Courtney Summers quoted your tweet, or Leigh Bardugo replied to you, or Becky Albertalli follwed your Twitter handle, or Claire Legrand sent you a message is like a hundred Christmases rolled into one wonderful moment.

Bookish Goods

I love displaying my book pride with, well, pride! I have book earrings, a wonderful book shirt, a book necklace, and I already have my bookish tattoo planned. The great thing about the book hobby is that there are endless possibilities for gifts and decorations, from lamps to rugs to wall art to even furniture. You can even make dedicate a space in your abode for reading – like a little humble cloister for the novels and tomes!


Source: Metempsychosis

Fanart is great! If it is drawn, or a photo manip, or even the photo collages, I just go crazy to see the visuals that people put together with their personal experience with books. The community trades covers and dreams castings, and even place their favorite Disney characters right into the story. It is wonderful to see pictures and other visual creations to enhance the reading experience


Matching covers, cover poems, cover art, cover color memes – bookish people become so creative with covers! Even a cover revel can make your day, and even though you might be alone in your fan-girling/boying, it is something I would never give up for the world


I really love how books can bring people together. Free Little Libraries, and other such mobile, open access, and public bookish domains show how powerful books are for a majority of people. Even though so many of us hear, “Reading is boring,” we can see how that is not a majority-held view. Books hold a special place in our hearts. You can find a bookstore in so many places, and I am always shocked how many small little towns can support some sort of book store or book loaning system. We have book clubs and even celebrities, such as Emma Watson, are involved. On a personal level, I love sharing books with my friends, all of you, and recently, with some of my family. It brings me a happiness that nothing else can replace.



BOOKS all day, every day

I mean, that’s definitely the main delight of being a bookworm – the non-stop books that just keep on getting published. Even though there were times when we would be horrified at how huuuuge our TBR piles are, I’m sure we all loooove the never-ending publication of books.

Connecting with Authors

This point is pretty much similar with Lyn’s first point, but I have to say it again: One of the delights of being a bookworm, or a rabid fangirl, is pretty much the connection that we have with authors. Sometimes, just fangirling about a book isn’t enough. Sometimes it would be SO MUCH better if we get to fangirl about a book to the author itself. How many times have we finished an amazing book and immediately tweeted an author with words like, “OH MY GOD, your book was genius.” Thank God for social platforms.


Lately people have been more interested in reading about discussions rather than reviews, but the one thing I love about being a bookworm is reading the different reviews and opinions by other bookworms. It is especially more delightful if a book that you love is being spazzed by tons of readers too. That said, it’s the same vice versa. I would more likely read other negative reviews before writing my own, because it assures me that I’m not a meanie for not loving a certain book.

Book Quotes

I always look out for amazing book quotes while I’m reading, because books usually have amaaaazing quotes. And usually, together with these quotes, bookworms love to make/create wallpapers for phone and computers. And of course, my favorite book quote wallpapers would be Icey Books’ Candy Quote. I mean, look at that fabulousness that is my laptop wallpaper:



This is pretty much a similar point to my first point, but here’s one of the cool things about being a bookworm: you will never run out of stories. Stories have this tendency of sticking in our heads and in my opinion, it gives me more creative juices and ideas for my essay-writing classes. I’ve always loved writing narrative essays, and reading helps me with that. And we’ll never run out of stories. As long as there’re books, there will always be stories and hence, there is no limit to a bookworm’s imagination.


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