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Imaginative Discussions

Hi everyone! I was going to write a review right here. But, as you can see, this is not a book review. It is a white flag. A flag raised up, declaring that my full blown, irritated, awakened depression has finally started to interfere with blogging to the point where I am panicking.

I don’t wish to take you down this road, but in short: my job sucks, I can’t stand other people, I’m failing at social media, I’m failing twice as hard on commenting on other’s blogs, and I’ve seemed to really fallen down into a reading dark hole. It isn’t a slump; there are plenty of books I want to read. But I can’t focus on the book for more than 20 minutes at a time before my brain starts kicking in and demanding that I continue to worry over issues I cannot fix or control.

I’m having flashbacks to 2013, when I was trying to complete my (worthless) degree and blogging with Kara as a two person team. We have more people now, but my motivation is now playing hide and seek, and I’m losing. Horribly, horribly losing.

So, I present to you: Book Blogging Depression, and Solutions to the Blogging Blues!

You Feel Disconnected from Social Media

Thank you to a handful of you who have not given up on me, and those that reach out to me. I swear, you are just the greatest people. I am on Twitter every day, and I read the interactions, but I feel more and more that I am just a clinger, a person who is just around.

Solution: Eat a cupcake, cry in bed with your cats


You’ve Lost the Motivation to Write Reviews

I am writing up some reviews for some ARCs (because I refuse to get behind on that), but when I read my own words, it is like they’re not me, like someone else is in control. Alien Fingers are writing my review. I wish my other self was a lot more witty and had a better vocabulary.

Solution: Get mad, go request more ARCs from Netgalley


You Get Behind on Commenting

To those of you who are commenting here, I hope karma is paying you back, because you rock. I see the e-mails and I have your pages bookmarked. I just severely suck right now, and I hope to not suck in the future.

Solution: See the number of e-mails, get anxious, go buy a new book.


Everything Distracts You From Reading/Interacting/Blogging/Ect

My poor co-bloggers are waiting on me to complete some artwork for Story Sprites. And yet, I am looking up cat pictures on the internet. Because I have the attention span of a goldfish.

Solution: ??????!!!!!! Continue to disappoint your friends and family


Lose Your Book

I’ve lost my copy of Passenger three times now, even though I am enjoying it. Because an apartment the size of a matchbox is big enough to steal all of your freaking stuff in a heartbeat.

Solution: Cry in the shower, find book under pillow after the shower


Disappear from the Internet

I should just change my name to Carmen San Diego.

Solution: Mask your guilt with Neko Atsume


Continue To Avoid Review Writing….

….by writing discussion posts.

Solution: Write a list and slap in some gifs, because the comedy relief would help right about now.


In short: I’m sorry. I’m trying. I win some days. I fail other days. I am actively trying to change the crappy situation, but change is slow. I’m maxed on medication for depression/anxiety, and I am trying other solutions, such as physical movement and positive thinking.

I hope to get back on my feet one day. Until then, don’t feel shy for stopping by and checking up on me as I lie on the floor and bawl about the injustices of the world.


14 responses to “Imaginative Discussions: Book Blogging Blues

  1. *biggest hug ever* I hope things get better for you soon, Lyn. But don’t worry about blogging obligations – listen to your heart, what you need. If that’s time away from the internet entirely, do it. We’ll be here when you get back. ♥

  2. Hi Lyn! Maybe it’s time for you to put the pen down and take a much needed break. You won’t be satisfied with the results if you’re working while feeling under the weather. Looking forward to a healthier you soon!

  3. Hi Lyn,

    I’ve been following the blog for the past few months and this is my first time commenting. The most important thing is to look out for yourself: what’s best for you and what you need to do to make sure your well being is nourished. Whatever you decide, I hope it helps.

    • This is so true. When it isn’t fun, and when I feel depressed and upset, then something needs to happen. I’m also trying to let go of all of the anger that I feel about the things I cannot change. I am trying to accept that a job that makes a paycheck is always horrible and stressful. And I am trying to give myself more leeway and take better care of my head and my heart.

      Thank you for stopping by. <3
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  4. I’m so sorry you have been having such a hard time! Take all the time you need to get back into the swing of things. We will be here when you are ready. Sometimes a person just needs a break and that’s OKAY! I was in a bit of a blogging slump and I was forced to take a break when my Internet was down all last week. I couldn’t read blogs or post or reply to comments or ANYTHING. I felt bad, but then again, I got a lot of reading done so it wasn’t all bad.
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