DNF Review: The Prelapsarians

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DNF Review: The PrelapsariansThe Prelapsarians by John Gaiserich
Series: The Prelapsarians
Published by Createspace on October 20th 2015
Genres: adult, post apocalyptic, Dystopian, Fiction, romantic suspense
Pages: 638
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher

"All around us, in this sepulchral forest of grey silence, were remnants of the past - rusted firearms, shattered smartphones, parts of abandoned vehicles - all carefully entombed beneath a thin veil of volcanic ash that blanketed the land like a crust of frost on a dying flower. These were the broken bones of the old world, the lingering vestiges of the times that the few of us left who were born before the Grey Winter had once known." Twenty-five years after the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano and the massive war that followed, the scattered, dwindling remnants of the human race are forced to eke out a primordial existence while the supply of a drug vital to their survival is controlled by a group of greedy Oligarchs. For those born before the disaster, those called the Prelapsarians, the future looks hopeless. But there are some who choose to resist. In the south of Russia, a band of retired mercenaries, led by the formidable Andrei Evgenyevich Myshkin, seeks to undermine the Oligarchs' power. Their ardor is invigorated when they encounter Ani, a headstrong, idealistic young smuggler with a dream of a brighter future and a penchant for getting herself into trouble. Together, their quest takes them across the Caucasus Mountains, through the ruins of once-prosperous cities, and to the shores of the Caspian Sea, faced along the way with backroom intrigue, fierce battles, and brewing tension that threatens to turn them against one another. The company faces danger from notorious terrorists, capricious rebels, opportunistic rivals, and mountain bandits, but the deadliest opponent they face may be within.

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Prelapsarians had all the makings to be one epic post-apocalyptic story, one I may have found myself a little over-excited to try and pick up, until I started reading. Unfortunately all interest was lost within the first forty pages when I felt like it’d already become too complicated, and still had well over 600 pages to go. The writing wasn’t bad, that wasn’t the problem for me, it’s just a read that would need a lot of time to process and get through. Time I don’t really have much of nowadays.

My biggest qualm with the story itself was the complication of things and knowing to expect a lot throughout. The names especially bothered me for some odd reason, but that’s a personal preference. It felt to me as if the author was trying to be different by giving characters the strangest names out of the book. They’re very nice names, but I didn’t find them fitting and they would stick out on the pages like a sore thumb, making my eye tick once in awhile. I’m Irish. I’m proud to be, but I wouldn’t have taken a story set 25-30 years in the future and give a character some very old traditional Irish name that probably has only seen a short list of people have in the last hundred years. Does this mean I am telling the author how to name characters or what should be done? Of course not. As stated, this was my personal preference and opinion. I honestly only got 40-45 pages into this book so I can’t speak on much else.

I have to mark this as DNF and that makes me a bit sad. The idea is certainly good. 25 years after Yellowstone eruption, drug smuggling, survival. There is really potential for a great, epic read. Just make sure you set aside a good amount of time for reading and comprehending. It wasn’t a total waste for me. I could see myself trying to pick up this book again in the future when a more flexible schedule permits, just to see where my thoughts really stand past 40-45 pages. Lol.






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