Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books On My Spring TBR

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Top Ten Tuesday

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: Ten Ten Books On Our Spring TBRs.

Whenever I do these lists, I never, ever get to the books I list here. This season I am really, really going to try and pick books that I know I want to read and that meet the challenges I am trying to accomplish this year! I definitely want to read some of my own books, and I want to get through some of these great ARCs I have sitting here as well.

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1. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black ~ I’ve had this ARC forever. I got it at BEA one year and never got to it. But recently it was compared to a series I love, only the YA version of that series. And since two of my co-bloggers also love Holly Black, I feel like it’s time. I have never read anything by Holly Black except for a short story, and I feel like it’s time.

2. Vision In Silver by Anne Bishop ~ I am in the middle of this series, and I absolutely adored book one and two. The fourth book came out this month, and I intend to get to that as well, but I am trying to space these out a bit since the final book is not supposed to come out until March of 2017. But I can tell you, if you are not reading this series, you MUST do so ASAP.

3. The Ruining by Anna Collomore ~ I’m just choosing this one because it is on my TBR shelf, I’ve heard good things about it, and I am doing a TBR challenge and I’ve been doing really poorly at it so far. This book has also been catching my eye on my shelf a lot lately. I have the UK version and it has a hot pink spine.

4. Summer Days and Summer Nights by Various ~ I LOVED the winter/Christmas version of this book, and I am always looking for great summer stories to get me in the mood for the season. Beach weather is starting in Florida pretty much next month, and I really want to enjoy my state more this year and spend some more time outside. So why not use this to set the mood?

5. The Perfect Neighbors by Sarah Pekkanen ~ An ARC I need to get to. I requested this because it really sounds like a KARA book. What secrets ARE they keeping? I love books about drama and secrets. I prefer to keep the drama OUT of my life and IN my books. But isn’t the cover and blurb super intriguing?


I’m in such a rut in life overall at the moment. If I was asked to pick out a book right now for the fun of it, I would have no clue what I would choose. I am completely caught up on The Others series by Anne Bishop, so I am suffering from a book hangover at the moment as well. Feeling a bit down about some things in real life, coupled with the irritation of wanting to reread one series over and over has placed the book funk on me in the worst way. Setting aside some books for the warmer weather might entice me to start feeling perky again about reading. In fact, I went on Twitter and begged for people to recommend me some books for Spring (expect for my first pick – I’ve wanted that book FOREVER now). So, I present my TBR pile, chosen by the lovely people over at Twitter. Enjoy.

1. Some Kind of Happiness by Claire Legrand ~ Okay, I totally admit that I am so happy to read this book. I very much love anything that Claire writes, and with her promoting the entire Inside Out connection with feelings and depression on Twitter, I am very excited to read about someone who knows what I am going through right now.

2. The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters ~ Okay, I’m really excited someone picked this one, because I was stoked when I found this book on sale at Book Outlet. I have wanted to get my hands on a Cat Winters book for a while, and this one sounds perfect for me – historical tied into women’s issues. Thank you, Andrea!

3. Red Rising by Pierce Brown ~ This eBook has sadly sat on the shelf for a while, despite the fact that so many people are urging me to read it. It looks to be something fast paced and exciting, which is perfect for a warmer weather read. Thanks for the rec, Joe!

4. Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers ~ I want to complete the Courtney Summers collection soon, and her Twitter feed caught my attention. Also, she sent this back to me when I told her this on Twitter:

She’s such a doll, even though she kills me with her books.

5. All the Feels by Danika Stone ~ Okay, so this one sounds so cheesy and goofy and silly, but I can’t stop coming back to this book when I think about a TBR list so….I’m going to take a chance and add this one, because it sounds super cute and I just wanna read something super cute.


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