Top Ten Tuesday: I LOVE But Others Seem To Dislike

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Top Ten Tuesday

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: Ten Characters I LOVE But Others Seem To Dislike

Love them or hate them, characters are the heart of novels. They can make or break a story, and there are certainly a fair amount of online wars centered around them. This week, Pixie and I are discussing the characters that warmed our hearts, despite chilling the feelings of some other readers. Because ALL characters deserve some love, right?

(Except you two – FUCK both of ya).


I realize that this is a list of “disliked” characters, but as I was writing it, I discovered that I made a list of characters that were overlooked or were not getting as much love as they deserved. So these characters may not be as unloved as they are unpopular.

Nina Zenik from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

This one isn’t so much “dislike” but “overlooked.” Everyone melted for Inej, and while she is pretty cool, Nina is pretty awesome as well. Her backstory is compelling, her humor is wonderful, and her confidence and sass is charming and just spot on.

Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Yet another one that is more unpopular than unliked. While most readers froth at the mouth for Cress, Scarlet does a lot in her position to aid Cinder. In the final book, Winter, she dons her baddassery and takes things into her own hands, and comes out looking like a queen herself. One of her main issues is that her romance in the book is the most unfavorable (Wolf is creepy AF, which doesn’t help), but Scarlet can stand on her own, and her mouth is one of her greatest weapons.

 Lucien from A Count of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

While we can all agree that Rhysand is hot, let’s take a minute to appreciate Lucien. He is a loyal friend to Tamlin, he protects and assists Feyre, and he overcomes the family asshole gene, while taking the ridicule for it. Sure, he can be cruel and a bit of a jerk at times, but there is a heart of gold under that tough, beautiful exterior.

Vlad from Written in Red by Anne Bishop

THIS is what a hot, aloof vampire is all about!!! Simon is great and all, but Vlad is pretty awesome as well! He runs the bookstore, is hilariously clueless about humans, and ends up coming out as one of the smartest, wisest characters in the series without knowing it.

Jude from I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

I did love Noah, but Jude seems to take a backseat to him in the novel. She’s spunky, she overcomes something horrible in her life, and she works hard to bring back her family. She cares a lot, and I connected to her more than I connected to Noah. She has some important things to say, but was just second fiddle to a very cute and interested gay love story. I wish Jude and her own unique voice had reached out to more people.


Let me take a moment to show my deep appreciation for the time and beauty for Lyn’s side of the post. I don’t do much for my parts due to scheduling conflicts leaving me with a rushed type-up, but I always love to stop and admire the effort and care Lyn takes with hers. <3

Like Lyn, when I think of characters I love and others “dislike,” I actually think of characters I really liked, perhaps liked by others, but I feel should get a little more recognition.

1.  Jasper & Alice (Twilight)

Yep. I said it. I may not be a fan of the series, but there’s one thing I can’t deny: Meyer wrote some of the best side characters. I felt at the very beginning of that whole Twilight craze that the couple that should have got more credit than they did was Alice & Jasper. Even now, years later, if Meyer wrote a prequel novel with them as the central characters, I can’t deny I wouldn’t be one of the first to order it.

2. Dorian (Throne of Glass)

Chaol gets all the love. Well eff him. I’m proud to be a Dorian fanatic.

3. Wolf (The Ashes Trilogy)

This seems to be a trilogy in general I think deserves more recognition overall. Not just one character. But I did have to pick. He has stuck with me for all this time. I still keep my fingers crossed that maybe Ilsa Bick will surprise with another addition, since the ending was open enough.

4. Gale (The Hunger Games)

I know in the movies he gets a lot more love, but long before the movies made we all know we did not give much love to Gale. It’d always been about Peeta. I never really liked Peeta as much (ssshh… didn’t say I didn’t like him at all) and Gale took a backseat in the books, even later when in the movies his character played larger roles. I liked his character for the most part, especially the chemistry, but until the movies released his character really had not seemed to have as much recognition as he should have.

5. Hanna (The Delirium Trilogy)

I was surprised I liked this trilogy as much as I did to begin with. But what I liked by the end of it most was the characterization. There were several characters I actually wanted to choose from that played minor roles and could have fit this topic fairly easily. I decided to go with Hanna though since she’d played some very key roles along the way. I understand many readers got annoyed with her character. I only felt a lot of sympathy for her. I wanted so much more of her story too. She deserved more.

That’s it!


What are some characters you loved but feel like others disliked or just needed more recognition? Or what are some characters you just really hated but everyone else seemed to love??

11 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: I LOVE But Others Seem To Dislike

  1. LOVE your lists!! I definitely like Scarlet better than Cress, so I guess I’m a bit of a black sheep. I don’t get the Cress appeal. YES she’s awesome at computers and helps them out of some insane situations. But she’s so stalker-y towards Thorne. It creeped me out. I LOVE IGYTS, but Noah was definitely my fave character in that book (and he’s one of my fave characters EVER at this point). Jude was still cool though.
    Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Characters Everybody Loves But I Didn’t “Get”My Profile

  2. Awesome lists, Lyn and Pixie!
    Lyn – that’s so many additions to my TBR – I really need to get around to reading Six of Crows, but I’m going for Grisha first. It sounds wonderful though!
    Pixie – I definitely agree about Alice and Jasper. They’re the silver lining to the mess that is Twilight.
    Annika recently posted…The Syndicate by Sophie DavisMy Profile

  3. Thank you, Lyn! Another Dorian supporter is always something lovely to come across. 🙂 I see more Chaol or Rowan supporters than anything and that makes me sad. I’ve only read Throne of Glass and a bit of Crown of Midnight, but I’m holding on tight to my Celorian ship!
    Heather recently posted…#SlayThatSeries Readathon TBRMy Profile

  4. I really liked Nina! I did find Inej to be a more interesting character, but Nina is strong in her own way and has potential to grow into a more nuanced version of herself. Does that make sense?

    SCARLET IS MY FAVORITE HEROINE IN LUNAR CHRONICLES. Yesss. I love Cress a lot and probably relate to her more personally but Scarlet is my favorite. She’s so devoted to her Grandmother, so unwilling to take crap… I just really think she’s the best of them all.

    <333 Lucien forevaaaahhh

    I'm sorry Pixie, but Dorian bored me until FOUR BOOKS INTO THE SERIES. I am starting to come around — esp if we see a Chaol/Dorian ship set sail — but until QoS he was my least favorite.

    Wolf is awesome, will hear nothing else high five for getting it right
    Jessie recently posted…Review: The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine LowellMy Profile

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