Book Review: One Wish

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Book Review: One WishOne Wish by Michelle Harrison
Published by Little Brown Books For Young Readers on March 8th 2016
Genres: middle grade, fantasy
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover
Source: Publisher
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Having the ability to see fairies means that Tanya Fairchild's life has never been easy. After all, real fairies are nothing like the ones in books; ones that grant wishes or leave money for teeth. Real fairies don't like to be talked about, and they cast spells if Tanya steps out of line. The most she's ever received in exchange for one of her teeth is a chewed up toffee. Of course, it would help if Tanya knew someone - anyone - else who could see them, too ...When Tanya meets Ratty, she finds not only that can he see fairies, but that he has a fairy friend, Turpin. Turpin is rude and spiteful, but funny and loyal too. When Ratty goes missing, Tanya discovers her new friend has another extraordinary ability; an ability that has the potential to destroy them both ...

I read the first book in the Thirteen Treasures series a few years ago, and I remember loving it. I didn’t and still don’t remember a thing about it though. I need to reread it, because after finishing One Wish, I am reminded of how much I love Michelle Harrison’s writing. It’s so vibrant and lively, and she really knows how to bring characters and her setting to life. Not to mention, this was the series that made me fall in love with Fae stories.

One Wish is a prequel to Thirteen Treasures, but it can be read as a standalone, which is the cool thing. I am afraid that people see it listed as a part of that series will skip over it, thinking they need to read the other books first. You don’t. The main character in both is Tanya Fairchild, but I enjoyed this story fully without knowing (or remembering) what happens in the following books. I’m glad the publisher convinced me to give it a chance, because I really enjoyed it!

Tanya Fairchild can see all sorts of faeries. She has the second sight, and it’s a really rare quality and she has never encountered another person with the same ability until NOW. Then she meets Ratty. Ratty is in a lot of trouble, but he and Tanya become fast friends because of the secret they share. Tanya’s mother does NOT like her to talk about her ability–it makes her angry and she doesn’t believe Tanya at all. But now Tanya has someone to talk to about it.

Tanya and her mom go on vacation and stay in a rental cottage. She meets Ratty at the wishing tree, and Ratty finds out that Tanya has the second sight because she can see Ratty’e guardian fairy Turpin. Ratty has a secret though, and before long, he is kidnapped. Turpin and Tanya set out on an adventure to find him, using a clue Ratty’s father has left behind.

It’s a very cute story, but it’s also tense and exciting. It’s quickly paced and I just felt immersed in the narrative. I escaped from the world and read long into the night. The storytelling is what makes a middle grade novel for me, and the storytelling in One Wish was excellent. Michelle Harrison’s take on faeries is one I really enjoyed. There is a little dark, but they are mostly lighthearted and fun. Definitely mischievous though.  I definitely, definitely recommend it, and once you finish this, go on ahead and read the rest of the books in the series. It’s something I will be doing fairly soon.



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