What Is With All The Deaths?

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I don’t know if anyone has ever talked about this before, but so far, I’ve never seen any discussion about deaths. Here’s the main point of this discussion: I am SERIOUSLY sick of deaths. Last weekend, I watched Grey’s Anatomy, and someone else died, and I’m just there like WHUT. And they were SO CLOSE to getting their happily ever after. And on that exact same day, I was sick so imagine being sick and watching your favorite characters die. DOUBLE HEARTBREAK. And I went on a rant on Twitter, in case you did not see those tweets:

SO YES. I got angry, I got annoyed and I ranted. Before I begin with this post, I just want to apologize in advance to anyone who feels like I’m attacking them, especially to other authors out there. I just wanted to talk about this, and know if I’m wrong in feeling this way. Because here’s the thing, I am seriously sick of all the bad stuffs happening.

Reality sucks. Everyone knows that. The world is cruel, and people are cruel and life can be unfair. People die EVERY DAY, whether it is fated or not. And I know that tons of people out there actually start reading, because it is a form of escaping reality. Of getting away from all the bad stuffs in life. And books used to have happily ever afters. All of them seemed like fairy tales, where no matter what problems turned up for the characters, in the end, there would always be a happy ending.

But for some reason, happily ever afters are looked down upon nowadays. It’s like, everywhere you go and someone sees you reading a romance novel, they’ll roll their eyes and exclaim how cliche all the stories are, in which they always end up happily together. And these days, people seem to really REALLY love all the deaths and the heartbreaks and the traumas. I mean, ADMIT IT. That’s one of the reasons why you guys kept watching Game of Thrones. That’s also one of the reasons why The Fault In Our Stars is more popular than Jesse’s Girl, just because TFIOS has death in it.

Honestly, I think people around the world nowadays thrive on the topic of death in books and movies, and that saddens me. Everybody has gotten so sick of the idea of a happy ending that they all want deaths and sad endings. I mean, what has become of us? Why is it that we go around telling people that “you should read this book because it will make you cry like a baby” or “the author will make you fall in love with the characters, then break your heart slowly”? And I do admit that a part of me is that way too. I’m so used to death being the “popular” factor in a book, so that every time there is death, I’ll feel like that particular book just made the top ten list of 2016.

But for the first time, I actually stopped and thought about it. WHY? Why do we LOVE deaths in the fictional world? Is it because we’re so used to the war going on all around us? I will not lie, but I have lost a lot of people, and one of the reasons why I had this breakdown was because it was the death-anniversary of a late sibling. And to distract myself, I watched Grey’s Anatomy, which is probably the most horrible thing I ever did, because it led to said breakdown. But I am sick of deaths. I didn’t realize it till that day, but I am honestly sick of people dying, both fictional and non-fictional.

Why do we have deaths in books? Why do we NEED deaths in TV shows? Aren’t there enough deaths in the world already? Though, I do understand why certain books are written that way. Some books are there to create awareness about the wars going on in this world. About the different unknown prejudice and stuffs.

But maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way. I am just seriously sick of deaths, and people dying and nobody getting a happy ending. 🙁


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  1. You obviously feel very passionate about this subject and are clearly going through a hard time so I’ll say this with the greatest respect: fiction is not supposed to make us feel better, it’s supposed to deliver conflict that we get invested in. That’s why Joss Whedon never gives his audience a HEA, because it’s not conflict. He’ll deliver a will-they-won’t-they and when they finally do he’ll ‘joss’ them, tear them apart. Why? Conflict. Conflict is the basis of every story ever.
    However you can choose the type of conflict you consume. I recommend situation comedies. People hardly ever die in those.
    I hope you feel better soon.
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    • I appreciate you saying it nicely 😀

      And I do understand what you’re saying. On a normal day, I am completely fine with the conflicts. I guess I just got way in over my head with the different deaths I seemed to read about, and I snapped.
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  2. Interesting topic!
    I have a love-hate relationship with character deaths. I like when a book surprises me and there is no greater way to do that than to kill off a character no one is expecting. So that’s why I “love” them. On the other hand, it never fails that it is a character that I really like, thus the “hate”. I also don’t like when a character is killed just for the sake of drama–it needs to add to the story in a way.

    I suppose it really comes down to what you expect when you pick up a book. Do you want a book that is always happy-go-lucky? A book that mimics life? A book that is overly dramatic? The greatest joy about reading is that you can escape to any of these worlds at any time 🙂
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      It's a love-hate relationship kind of thing. I'm guilty of it too. We 'love' it when there's death in a totally unexpected character, and on a normal day I am fine with that. I guess I just wanted to discuss the reactions we have every time there's death in a book, and whether it's becoming 'too popular' for having too much deaths in a book.

      And yessss. One can choose what they read, that's the thing. It's like, if I'm sick of deaths, I just pick up a fluffy, romance book. That's the amazing thing about reading, eh? 😉

  3. I can see where you’re coming from, & have felt the same in the past. I stopped watching Downton Abbey after they showed a major character dying in a car wreck because it really triggered some bad memories of my own. Same reason I won’t read/watch stuff featuring suicide or pet death. But human death just as a general plot device doesn’t get to me that way — I wonder why? Do you think it’s a situational thing? Maybe sometimes we just have to be kinder to ourselves when we’re not in a good place to be able to enjoy storylines w/ character death?
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