Top Ten Tuesday: Songs That We Wish Were Books

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Top Ten Tuesday

This week’s topic: Top Ten Songs or Song Lyrics We Wish Were Books

Music and books. Books and music. A perfect pairing that we love placing hand in hand. We see recommendations for both in posts, in Twitter updates, and even have authors providing readers with playlists for books.

For Example – E.L James

This week, Pixie and I will share what songs, or lyrics, we would love to see made into books! (And any authors who stop by, just make sure we make it into the mentions! Please write these books. Please.)


Lyn’s List

Song: Monster
By: Paramore
Genre: Fantasy/Political

I love the lyrics and the tension in this song. It always had a Sailor Moon vibe to it.

My take on: a shy, unwanted girl working for a goverment official who she finds is corrupted, and is trying to slowly take over more than his fair share of power. Even though she loves this good-looking politician as a father, after he took in an ugly, downtrodden girl like herself, she is chased out of the village.

But that doesn’t stop her.

“I’ll stop the whole world, I’ll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster and eating us alive”

I could see this book as an outcast girl raising up other unwanted, overlooked people to overthrowing the charismatic yet horrible leader, while trying to find out who she is, and her own backstory. And of course, magic is involved.

“Call me a traitor, I’m just collecting your victims
They’re getting stronger, I hear them calling”

Song: Home
Artist: Unsun
Genre: Sci-Fi/Steampunk/Paranormal

Yeah, I am influenced by the music video. But WOW if it doesn’t fit! For this song, I could see that Queen Elizabeth as the new King Arthur, and as England falls further into decay and ruin, there is a mad rush to find the sleeping queen to bring back the Empire Brittiana into peace and the second golden age after a hundred year decline.

“Among the stars
there is a place
to where my heart
always returns.”

In the meantime, a necromancer girl, Aya, and her two male undead servants have just come into possession of some luggage of a dead relative, and one green case holds some interesting paperwork, with a mysterious train leading to a place on no map, and no destination that cannot be located on the physical realm. Three tickets are enclosed, with the words :

“To forget the evil lot
I will sleep in safe arms.” 

Aya doesn’t believe in the silly myth of the sleeping Queen, but is also weary of Londyn and needs time away. This is her grandmother’s last gift to her. Why not take the trip on this unknown train to the exotic location?

“There I always have some time
To heal every wound,
To help the life’s shine
Long forgotten, return.”

Song: Stars Dance
Artist: Selena Gomez
Genre: Contemporary

There was no way there wasn’t going to put a Selena song in here! 😉

Anyways, I think this would just make the cutest slow burn, enemies to lovers NA romance. When Selene and Titus were in high school, they were in two different worlds – Selene a geeky, tom boy who loved science and hated jocks, and Titus the handsome quarterback, soon to be going to the big leagues, as in, his name was going onto merchandise when he left his small, podunk Texas school.

Titus and Selene’s only words exchanged in high school is:

“Hey, sweetie, where are you going?”
“Nowhere with you, asshole.”

And that was that.

Upon graduation, Selene lands a spot at the large university to persue her dream job in astronomy while Titus moves up to Oklahoma to play football. However, after a career-ending injury, he moves back to Texas, unfriended, an outcast, forgotten, and lands at the same university as Selene.

Despite hating his guts, along with the rest of the jerks on the team, Selene can’t stand the site of him sitting at the table alone in the cafeteria when she spots him in the spring semester, and sits with him, plainly letting him know it is strictly out of pity. Seeing how much he is able to get under her skin, Titus is able to transfer into the astronomy classes with Selena.

Over the semester, Titus confesses that he had a crush on Selene in high school, but was too much of a coward to ask her out, and Selene faces the fact that  she held a grudge against him because of his football status, and maybe snobbery could go both way.

I just want one scene where they are on a blanket, looking at the stars, and Selene is pointing out the constellations.

“I can make the stars dance
Light up the moon, I can make the stars dance
If you want me to
The sky is everywhere, so meet me under there
I can make the stars dance dance dance with you”

Song: Invinsible
Artist: Pat Benatar
Genre: Any

This song is just the perfect fight song. I love it as a feminist last stand song. I really see it working well as a bloody-all out, Hail Mary type fight song. I know it is vague, after I wrote practically a book for the others, but if I had to pick one, when I pick dystopian, Handmaid’s Tale gone to hell.

“We can’t afford to be innocent
stand up and face the enemy.
It’s a do or die situation – we will be invincible.”

Song: Whisper
Artist: Evanescence
Genre: Fantasy

This one has been haunting my mind since I found an awesome LotR video with this song many years ago, and ever since then I thought this would make a wonderful fantasy book. I can picture Elves, dwarves and men in this song. Like the song above, this is more for the final battle, but none the less, there is a lot in the song that just screams, FANTASY!

“Speaking to the atmosphere
No one’s here and I fall into myself”

“Fallen angels at my feet
Whispered voices at my ear
Death before my eyes
Lying next to me I fear
She beckons me
Shall I give in
Upon my end shall I begin
Forsaking all I’ve fallen for
I rise to meet the end”


Pixie’s List

I absolutely love this week’s topic! Though I’m sure Lyn’s part is much nicer than mine overall. I’m a bit limited on time and cold medicine is kicking my butt. Lol. I’ll try to do my best at getting my part through clearly though, and you can search the song/video if you’d like after! 🙂

1.  Monster – Rihanna/Eminem
I think this song, or the general theme/idea, would work fantastically as a sort of Supernatural type story or Horror work. Maybe even sprinkle in a bit of dark comedy.
“I’m friends with the monster under my bed.”

2. We Are Young – Fun
I don’t get tired of this song, tbh. And maybe it’s my bias here but it tells an easy story to me within just the music, despite the lyrics. It would be easy and fitting for a Contemporary, I think. A group of friends out on a quiet night, maybe their graduation. A bit like Perks of Being a Wallflower type piece. I could see it. I could love it.

3. Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
An easy decision really to use this toward an idea of a post-apocalyptic or dystopian of some sort, I believe. It’s easy to hear this song playing in my head even when I’m reading other books at times.

4. Addicted – Saving Abel
This is not a hard decision. This song would easily be for something more adult-like, heavy romance, and more likely erotica. Especially if you watch the video. LOL. It’s steamy, and sometimes if romance is done RIGHT, I’ll totally go for it.
“I’m addicted to the things you do..”

5. Riot – Three Days Grace
A bad ass song and set of lyrics for a possible bad ass book. It’s that simple. It could go toward a post-apocalyptic, a corrupt government, a wild night in a contemporary… the possibilities are really quite endless depending on how one gets inspired.
“Let’s start a riot!”


3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Songs That We Wish Were Books

  1. Music and books. Books and music. They’re both the best!

    Lol, the example. Not “lol” lol, like, lol that you used that as an example. I’m totally not downplaying the issues of that book.

    A+ gif

    I like Paramore! I love how in depth you went with this, Lyn. Selena Gomez is great. Whisper made one of my lists!

    Ooh, great songs Pixie, I love We Are Young, Radioactive, and Addicted. I also like Riot, but not as much as some of their other songs. 😉 None of which made my TTT today, so weird!
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