How To Be Friendly on Social Media

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Before you look at me and be like, WHUT, MARYAMthink about it. I mean, everyone (or most people) have actually thought of this before. How in the bloody world to be friendly on social media? People these days used social medias to attack each other, and that’s making me REALLY REALLY sad. Why can’t we be nice people? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Goodreads are meant to be platforms where we voice out our opinion, but really, must our opinions be so nasty at all times?

Also, I know that this post is a little too late since Valentine’s Day was like TWO WEEKS AGO, but I was suuuper busy with work and school applications, so I kept pushing back this discussion. SORRY.

step 1

You need to know the definition of NICE. Because really, what if we all have different definitions of nice? What if your definition of nice means to murder someone and bury them in a pretty grave.  So here’s the definition of nice, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

adjective \ˈnīs\

Simple Definition of nice
: giving pleasure or joy : good and enjoyable
: attractive or of good quality
: kind, polite, and friendly

“Kind, polite and friendly.” That’s what everyone should have in mind when they are on social media. Be kind. Be friendly. Be polite. Before you tweet/post anything that might potentially hurt someone else, think about these three words. THINK. Basically, JUST THINK before you post anything.

Step 2

“But it’s MY twitter, I have a right to say anything I want. If they don’t like what I’m saying, then they should unfollow me.” If you do say that, let me be the first to tell you that you sound BLOODY childish and selfish. Because if you’re still thinking in terms of “MY this, MY that”, then yes, you’re selfish. Because you live in a world full of people, and you’re obviously not the only one here. I don’t mean to be harsh, but I hate that word. I hate it when people say “Well, it’s MY house.” “It’s MY life.” Here’s the thing: It’s FINE for you to say that, but only IF it doesn’t affect someone else. So for example, if you wanted to say, “I don’t like <<book’s name>> very much. I find it horribly boring.”, that is actually okay, because it doesn’t really have a great impact on someone. But if you said “<<Book’s name>> is seriously boring, and the people who read it are stupid/the author is stupid”, then that’s plain mean, my friend. In that case, YOUR twitter sucks and you are a HORRIBLE person. So, please oh please, before you post something, think of the consequences. Think of whether it will hurt someone or not.

step 3

The debate of opinions. “But I have a right to voice out what I say.” What if I tell you that other people have the right to not LIKE what you say too? If you’re entitled to your own opinion, why aren’t they entitled to their opinions too? You have a right to say that? Well, someone else have to right to scold you/humiliate you for saying that. And that’s my point: everyone has their own right. So at the end of the day, who is right and who is wrong? But then you ask, “So that means I can’t even say out my opinions?” Wellllll, if your opinion is a positive one, then sure you can. But if it’s not very nice, I think the best thing you can do is keep it to yourself. I mean, before the whole social media thing came into light, before there was even internet, didn’t y’all use to keep your opinions to yourself? Why can’t you do it now, especially if it’s so that you won’t hurt people?

step 4

Compliment people. YUP. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see that when I’m happy, I tend to go around and be like, HI, I LOVE YOUR BLOG and stuffs like that hehe. And the thing is that it’s not insincere. Don’t go around saying things like that when you don’t mean it, obviously. But when there’s time, make sure to tell those people that you really love something about them. Because, believe it or not, one little compliment can really make someone’s day. OKAY?

So, do me a favor, please? Once you’ve read this post, compliment someone on social media. Or maybe just even say HI. All I’m saying is, be nice on social media. The world will be happier that way.


3 responses to “How To Be Friendly on Social Media

  1. Basically, what you’re saying is don’t be a meanie, and treat other people the same way you’d like for them to treat you 🙂 And I agree with you!
    The thing with opinions is that of course everybody is entitled to state their opinion, but then don’t be surprises if by attacking someone or being mean, there are actual consequences to having shared that.
    Have a fantastic weekend, Maryam.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…STS #123 Bought Borrowed and Bagged #73My Profile

  2. YES! THIS IS PERFECT! Some people really do need to learn how to be nice on social media. Thankfully, I haven’t encountered anyone not being kind, but I know lots of other people have, and that there is a lot of trolls out there! A compliment really can go a long way too – sometimes I feel like I’m being annoying, but if I was to get a compliment like that, it would really make my day!

    Thank you for writing this! I think it’s such an important topic ♥
    Denise | The Bibliolater
    Denise recently posted…The Readers Confession TagMy Profile

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