Would You Read the Book or Watch the Movie First?

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Read the book OR watch the movie first?

HELLOOOO 2016! Okay, this week (or rather, today), I wanted to discuss about books-to-movies adaptations. Recently, I’ve seen TONS of books going to be a TV series, OR a movie, which I think is greeaaaaat. BUT I also do have my reservations about them. The first book-to-movie adaptation that I actually knew of was the Harry Potter series. I do have to admit this: I was young, and seriously naive, so I actually watched Harry Potter and the Sorceress’ Stone BEFORE reading it. Like I said, I was young. When this movie came out, I was only 7ish? I haven’t even discovered my love for reading. So when my mom brought me to watch the movie, I was suuuper fascinated by everything. The school, the wands, the magic, the fabulous scarves. AND then I realized that the continuation only comes out NEXT YEAR. So, did I suddenly read a book at the ripe age of 7? OF COURSE NOT. My mom hated reading. She abhors them. She only loves it when I read religious books, HAH. So at 7 years old, I couldn’t even READ. And then the next movie came out, and the next, and the next. WHEN DID I FINALLY READ THE BOOKS? When I was 13 years old. By that time, Prisoner of Azkaban was just being released. And my school had a huuuuge library. And I was lonely, with no friends HAHA. So I spent every day at the library, devouring the Harry Potter books one by one. WHICH IS WHEN I REALIZED SOMETHING CRUCIAL.

IT’S DIFFERENT. Well, not really, but I have an eye for detail and I realized that certain scenes happened differently. And that’s when I started judging movies that were adapted from books.

So here’s the question: Do you read the book first, or watch the movie first?

Ever since that day, I actually read the books first. And when I’m not impressed with the story, I would not go to the movies. I saved tons of money too. I do understand that there were scenes that the director had to cut, because they were either too long, or couldn’t be achieved in real life. That part, I understand. I mean, I wouldn’t mind watching 5 hours of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but I’m sure some people would get annoyed. But what I hated was when they changed the dialogue, or the story line, or just added weird unknown scenes. *looks at City of Bones movie and Insurgent* I MEAN, seriously? I get that they want to market it well, but it just isn’t the same.

BUT ANYWAY, that’s why I always read the books first, so that I don’t miss out on cooool details. ALSO, for those non-book lovers, I have an advantage over them HAHAHAH. Did you know that when I watched Divergent, I cried at the ziplining part? I bet you don’t know whyyyyyy. So, let me know your thoughts. Would you rather read the book first? And why? Or would you rather just wait for it to be on the big screen? ALSO, do you get scared when a book is about to be turn into a movie? *coughsThroneofGlasscoughs* BECAUSE I AM. I’M SCARED THEY WILL CHANGE STUFFS AND TURN IT INTO SOMETHING UNRECOGNIZABLE.

Let me know your thoughts!


21 responses to “Would You Read the Book or Watch the Movie First?

  1. If it’s one I am REALLY interested in seeing, and know there’s a book, I will read it first. But it’s not often that I WANT to see a movie. Like, Divergent, If I Stay, The Martian. And I didn’t finish the Harry Potter books either. But yes, totally agree about the details!

  2. That’s actually one of my 2016 bookish resolutions- to ALWAYS read the book first. I’ve tried to be good about that in the past, because OF COURSE a screen adaptation will be different, it’s a different medium. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse, sometimes it’s heartbreaking because people will think the book is as truly awful as the movie was when the book is in fact BRILLIANT (*ahem* Golden Compass). But I admit I’ve been lazy and slipped on it before. And 90% of the time, I enjoy the book better. Mostly, I think, because the author has to focus on constant driving tension and keep the story progressing; the director has to focus on constant visual tension, which drives a different story.
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  3. I make an effort to read the book first. However, I frequently find that I have no desire to see movies made from books that I loved. There are some books–such as The Martain–that really lend themselves to the silver screen. Other times, though, I just don’t feel the need to see the movie.

    • YUP, I agree. There are times when certain books are even better on the screen, and for me, one of them was A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks. I don’t know why, but I think it’s because the director changed the show into something that would appeal to us young adults.

  4. Nice discussion! If it’s a book I really wanted to read anyway, I do try and read it before the film goes out…like I need to really get on The 5th Wave because I’ve owned it FOREVER and I want to read it before the movie. As for the differences between books and movies, they don’t bother me too much. I understand why things are changed – different mediums and all that. I think if something HUGE was changed or the movie just really changed the heart of the book (My Sister’s Keeper, anyone?) then I’d be more upset.

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  5. When Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone came out, my mom took me to see it. I think I was like 12, and I hadn’t read the book yet. Back then, I was reading a lot of adult fiction, and really nothing that none of my peers were reading. She took us to see the second one, too, and again, I still hadn’t read them. 🙁

    I do like reading the book before I see the movie, unless I have no interest in actually reading the book. (Like Twilight… I will never read those books, but because of my sister, I’ve been forced to sit through all of the movies.)
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    • HAHAHAH yup I agree with this, there’re some books that I would not read because they’re not good xD and sometimes the movies are worse, but sometimes the movies are better.

  6. I read the book first. Usually, I’ve read the book years before the movie and I’ve forgotten what happens and I hate that but that’s usually for book one. For movie 2, like Scorch Trials, I read the book a week prior to the movie so that the story would be fresh. I did this for Vampire Diaries too, I read the book a couple of days before the movie.

    For 5th Wave, which I read the ARC so that was a looooong time ago, I’ll reread my review to refresh my memory.

    For Harry Potter, I watched all the movies first. Then a year later, I wanted to read the series so I read a book then watched the movie.

    For Twilight, I contained myself and read book 1 then saw the movie and so on.

    The only thing I haven’t read first is Game of Thrones and I’m so far into the shows, I don’t think I’ll be able to read the books.

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