Why You Should Be A Proud Faaaabulous Bookworm

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Recently, I’ve had a very young friend (around 12 years old) who complained to me that the guys in her class have been calling her nerdy-pants and geekface and book bub (wtf?) because they discovered her reading Harry Potter at the back of the classroom during recess. And she cried, saying that it makes her feel horrible for being a bookworm, and she was going to stop reading. And this reminds me of myself, because sometimes when things get hard, and I have to keep defending my love for books at my mom, I would feel like giving up. SO, this post is for all the people who have had others criticizing them for reading books. Just books in general, because nobody should ever feel ashamed of being a bookworm.


You’re smart. Nope, I’m not kidding you. Generally, people who read more are smart. And this doesn’t only refer to physical results in your examinations, but also in terms of knowledge. You know more about anything and everything than the people who don’t read. TRUST ME. I mean, they would probably be the first one to die in a zombie apocalypse, while you fight your way through dozens of zombies with your brain intact. SERIOUSLY, I’m freaking serious. You’ll probably be the one to save someone from space invasion, and there’s a high chance that you can survive school better than anybody else, because you know how to prevent all the typical dramas. (Of course, I’m just assuming here, I had horrible school moments.) But what I’m trying to say is that, one way or another, you’re smart, and you should be FUCKING proud of that.


You have better imagination than most people. And I don’t know about you guys, but I think that’s pretty amazing. In my opinion, everyone needs imaginations and without imagination, one is a boring version of a sad human. I mean, look at all those book nerds who could draw and write and all those creativity oozing out of them. I mean, okay fine, I sure as hell cannot do anything artistic, but if you asked me to describe a murder scene in my head, I could give you the most gory details even. That’s the thing about reading – it opens up your mind to tons of stuffs and that should be something to be proud of. REALLY. SHOW OFF YOUR WILD CREATIVITY SIDE.


You have traveled to many many places, both literally and figuratively. If you’re a book nerd, you’ve read tons of books with amazing book buildings and learned more about other countries than what they teach you in school. I know I have, and to be honest, I have never step foot outside of Singapore other than going to Malaysia. And yet, I can imagine going to other countries, thanks to books about them. And maybe someday, when I’m financially stable, I could travel to those places to see them in real life. And this is more for other people living outside of Singapore. Some book nerds have actually literally traveled to many places, whether it’s because of their own reasons and curiosities, or it’s because of the book tours that have been going on. So, if you’ve read, trust me, you’ve been to many places, and even some magical places.


Someone once told me that a book nerd is one without any social life. I was aghast by it, and immediately walked away. And in a sense, that is quite true. We all get so wrapped up in books that we rarely take time to communicate with anybody else. Our sense of time is lost among all the books and every time you look up, it seemed like the world has passed by without any of us realizing it. So yes, maybe in a sense, we’re pretty much anti-social. But I would like to believe that we make friends along the way too, while reading. Because I know I have made tons of friends. They may be fictional to other people, but they’re real to me. And they’re real to every book nerd too, which explains why we’re so affected by their deaths. It felt like a part of us died with them too. So, here’s the thing about being book nerds that you should be proud of: No matter where you go, no matter how many people walked away, you’ll never be alone. You’ll always have friends.


And with that, I’m wrapping up this post. I know that there aren’t many reasons here, but I do hope that I actually convinced some of you to be proud of the fact that you read books. I mean, why not? Reading makes you smarter. And I do believe that reading will help you survive in this world a little bit better, and make you more of a better version than you are. So, never be ashamed of the fact that you read, whether you’re the popular girl, or the geeky boy in school. Anybody who can read, in my opinion, is a champion.


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  1. Ari

    Makes me so sad when people are made to feel bad for loving books. I remember when I was in primary school and reading was ‘uncool’ and nerdy. I agree with all your points though, we should be super proud to be book lovers!!

  2. Booknerds are the best! And I carry my nerd / geek badge with pride 🙂 I agree with everything you said, Maryam, we can travel anywhere – even to places that don’t exist in the real world. We meet new friends in books – and if we take it a step further, we meet new friends in other bloggers as well. And yes, I have traveled thanks to reading, I went to Dallas last year to participate in the RT Book Convention, and I had so much fun 🙂
    Great post 🙂
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