Goals and Challenges… Yay! Nay?

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It’s that time of year again!

Time to set your yearly reading goal, buckle down and get your pace together. This is also the best time to enter any additional challenges for the year if you want to give yourself an extra boost or anything in particular that strikes you.

Do you say Yay or Nay to them?

Challenges are fun! Sometimes they’re made into games (like Story Sprites!), and sometimes they just give you great motivation to complete goals you’ve been trying to get finished for a long time– like knocking out the TBR piles, or genre specific– reading classics/middle-grade/fantasy, etc.

If you’re like me, you get really excited at the start of the year and knock out a good chunk of your yearly challenge/goals during the first few months. All the challenges! Yay! Then I crash and burn halfway through the year and by the end I’m almost yelling, “I’m not doing this again next year! Too much pressure!” (But honestly, I never listen to myself and I cycle all over again come mid-January. LOL)

This year, I’m going to still say YAY to the challenges. I need to them to keep my head straight at times and for the motivation (though I completely understand the points one makes when they say they’re not for them).

So new year, new challenges and goals. I really am NOT going to be doing as much this year because I just started school and it’s already keeping me busy. Essays and exams like crazy in the first week already! Haha. I have designated myself to read at least 55 books this year– ten less than I managed for 2015– and will likely still push for a higher number. I just didn’t want to feel bad if I didn’t. I’m focusing more on Story Sprites for my biggest reading challenge this year, and for a genre-specific challenge most likely will be reading more historical books.

It took me some time to learn the process, but the best thing for record-keeping when dealing with any reading challenges are spreadsheets. OMG. I wish I’d known more about them for all the years I spent blogging, but better late than never!

Tell me, are you fan of challenges and goals? What’s one that you like to do every year?

Are you a nay-sayer? Was it a past experience?


(Don’t forget about Story Sprites if you’re looking for a fun and new reading challenge this year!)



4 responses to “Goals and Challenges… Yay! Nay?

  1. Red

    This will be my 2nd year attempting a reading challenge or goal set. Technically my first full year, since I started the last one in September. lol I’m shooting for just one a month, since I’m ridiculously picky. However, including graphic novels is making it a lot easier and I may have to up my numbers a bit. 🙂

  2. I’m yay on the series bandwagon. I sign up for a bunch each year. I’m well over 10 at this point. I see so many great ideas about the book blogger communities and I just want to participate in them all. Of course I crossover many books and I have set my challenge accordingly believing that I won’t be able to complete many books this year. So far my reading pace is fast. I am currently reading my fourth book of the year.
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