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Hey Readers!


There are days that are great, and days that are pretty good. There are days that are okay, and then, there are days like today. When our community is hurt with words that only serve to cut into the heart of us and poison the fellowship we have built. No population is perfect, but we certainly go out of our way to raise each other up as much as we possibly can. We love sharing our books, supporting our authors, thanking the publishers, and chatting about those books/authors we love with each other. We love going out of our minds with excitement when our new book haul arrives, and we certainly love the freedom of our voices. No one’s negativity should ever rob us of this. No group of people should ever hurl insults and then cover their tracks with accusations. ย Even with its faults and flaws, this is a wonderful community.

With that being said, we are taking the CON out of the community, and putting the PRO back into it. From January 20th to February 1st, we’ll be taking your PROfessions through our blog e-mail. Tell us what makes the book community great to you. Do you love comments, or a certain blogger/booktuber? Do you have a favorite bookish memory? Was someone in our community there for you when you really needed them? Is there a blog/blogs you love the most? What about a book chat? What do YOU love about blogging in general? LET US KNOW! On February 3rd, we’ll post them in a Blogger PROfression post, and celebrate everything that makes our community great!

Also, if you choose to send your comment anonymously, we will still post it, but we are only posting comments that are positive and/or uplifting. We encourage you to support the blogs and bloggers you love though, and we’d love to know who you are! I am sure they would too!

Spread the word, and the love!

Please e-mail us at: greatimaginationsblog @ gmail (dot) com



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