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Each year, I love tracking and analysing my reading data, because I seem to just love holding onto my nerd status. I was inspired by a post that Debby at Snuggly Oranges a few years back, and now it seems to be a yearly tradition. You can read my stats for 2014 here.

On to the stats, charts and graphs! I love being a huge geek!



Books Read by Year

This is now my best year on record, since I started keeping “official” recording, starting in 2010. I beat out 2012, the previous record, by 3 books, but I still mark this as a personal victory. One day, I will reach that goal of 100 books in a calendar year!

Books Read by Month

I always start the year, with quite a bit of enthusiasm, and when the end of the year rolls around, NaNoWriMo and the holidays tends to put a dent into my reading schedule. I read one book in December. One. Now, that book was Winter, and it was well over 800 pages, but that was still pretty pitiful. However, I was seeking medical treatment for migraines, and I was trying to manage a lot of strain at work, so the end of the year was not kind. October was a great month, however. I was anticipating NaNo, so I ramped up the reading to stay on top of my goal. That sudden upswing in July is a huge shock, but I believe that it was to make up for my miserable pacing in May and June, two months that tend to get a bit hectic due to birthdays. I was at the Texas coastline in June, so I admit I fell behind. July was a huge catch up month for myself. I see this pattern where I either get ahead, or fall behind, like I can’t seem to find a steady pace for reading. That is really interesting to see that emerge.

Average by Month

I almost didn’t post this, because I didn’t see any data that was interesting, until I noticed that my ratings wasn’t matching my reading number. In April, I read quite a few books, but my rating went down, compared to March. The same thing happened in July. The average rating fell, but I had a high number for reading. However, my number fell in August, but my average was higher in August. In November, I was hardly reading, due to writing, but my average rating was high for that month. It seems that when I am not forcing myself to read, my average improves. When I am padding my numbers, my ratings fall. So I am sacrificing quantity for quality.


Nothing to report here. I didn’t make much of an effort to force myself out of my comfort zone this year. End of story.


This is where things get interesting again. Remember when I pointed out that quantity does not equate quality for myself? When I need to churn out some quick reads, I reach for contemporary books. This isn’t throwing shade at contemporary lovers and writers. I have found some wonderful modern stories. But it isn’t my favorite genre, because I simply do not care to read about a plot centered around romance, and I have a hard time finding contemporary novels that do not focus on romantic interests. So when my numbers are high, more than likely I am torn through a few contemps, and given them 3 star ratings. I am pointing this out, because I am confused on my genre numbers every single year. However, Fantasy and Dystopian, two of my favorite genres did rank high, so that made me happy to see.

Title Classification

Series novels are starting to taper off, and I find that I avoid series novels until the entire set is released. I’m obviously never going to catch up, and I am trying to further reduce the damage to my TBR pile by avoiding series all together, until I am able to devote the proper amount of time and resources (money) to the multi-book series.

Overall Yearly Ratings

I have this secret fear that I am secretly turning into this crusty old reader who will have an average of .89 in about three years. I confessed to my co-blogger this week that I find that I am pickier with my ratings and I find it harder and harder to discover a book to rave over and recommend. However, this graph seems to suggest that I still have a high rating average. Overall, for the year, my rating was 3.46. That isn’t horrible, and for someone who has now been around for 5 years, it seems about right. I’m still giving out a good amount of 3 and 4 star ranged ratings, so the negative rating scale is all in my head. For the first time in my reading lifestyle, I have read enough books and sampled enough writers and different genres and tropes to build a mental rubric to properly build an internal rating system that I can trust. Anything prior to 2012 more than likely should be updated. I have more confidence in my ratings over the last three years than I ever have before.

Reading Format

I advocate electronic books openly. I call out people who sneer at Kindles and tablet readers. To me, what does it matter? The eBook revolution has actually boosted physical book reading. Ebooks can now reach a whole new audience of readers. For someone like myself, it is easier to carry a Kindle or my phone to lunch at work to read. When I carry a physical book, I am either hassled about it, or the poor novel is covered in grease by the end of the reading period. There is nothing wrong with electronic reading. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to become an electronic reader. We have enough on our plates without adding more drama to this field.

With that out of the way, I want to point out that I am surprised that I still read more physical books than electronic books. I have a tenancy to buy the physical book if I love the cover, or if it is brand new, so that I can get a good sell back price. IF I sell it back.

I broke this down even further to study the formatting of my books:

The physical ARCs and my love for hardback books contribute to the popularity of physical books on my reading shelf. I honestly through my Kindle books would win this year.


This was just for the sake of curiosity. I wanted to see where the majority of my books originated from. I’ll have to track in 2016 on which publishers have the highest ratings. I’m not shocked by the outcome. I read quite a few galleys for Macmillan. I will have to say that I am a bit shocked that Simon & Schuster is so low on the list. I tend to love the books they release. I am finding that I am a fan of Hatchette novels.

Overall, I did discover some very interesting facts about myself from 2015. I have some new processes in place for 2016, such as a TBR jar, Epic Recs, and a monthly ARC read along with Jessie from Ageless Pages. I also have a read along with Christina from Christina Reads YA, and with a new co-blogger, I might find some new blood pumped into my bookshelf. So, here is to 2016!


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  1. These posts are always so interesting ! I did some stats and found out I was reading overwhelmingly audiobooks from my library and female authors.

    I have always wanted to find a way to do some Excel magic and figure out which publishers/imprints I tend to give the hightest reviews to.

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