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So, I found this beautiful tag over at Bingeing On Books, and even though NaNoWriMo is closed with the end of November, I think it is important to look back and give some feedback on my WIP, even though I DIDN’T FINISH IT (I am a loser).

I am changing some of the questions to reflect past tense to fit with the closing of another month of writing. Feel free to still join in! One of the steps in the writing process is reflection and self-evaluation!

Border Leaf

How many times have you done NaNoWriMo?

This is my 4th year, and my second WIP.

How did you first find out about NaNoWriMo?

I knew about it back in the day, but I didn’t have the confidence to join. However, when I started to become more involved with the community, I finally decided to throw my proverbial hat into the wing and give it a shot.

What was the name of the first novel you attempted with NaNo?

Eventide. The name (along with the majority of the story) has been updated.

Give us a 1 sentence summary of what [you wrote] this year.

A sequel to God of Wishes, the first book in the series.

What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?

It was Marissa Meyer, when I went to the signing for Cress. Basically, she said to try to write every day, but do only as much as your mind will let you. If you write just one sentence today, then you are that much closer. And there will be days that you will write paragraphs, and pages, and entire chapters. It was a lesson on pacing, and I was thankful for her input for a writer.

Did you ever take a year off from NaNo? Why?

No. I was a little late to the game, but I have done this consecutively since I joined.

What’s your biggest inspiration when figuring out what to write?

How to make my retelling work. Such as, how to I fit in all of the elements while keeping the spirit of the original story?

Read us the first sentence from one of your novels.

Blood was thicker than water, and vengeance was thicker than blood.

Why do you love writing?

It lets me escape into something better than what I have now.

Next Tag

Write Fuel: What do you eat or drink while writing?

Dr Pepper and chips and dip are my comfort food. It is so unhealthy, but it keeps me going!

Write Sounds: What do you listen to while writing? 

Melodic death metal, such as Nightwish, Leaves Eyes, Within Temptation, and anything else Pandora throws at me. I have a whole radio channel with it playing in the background

Write Vice: What’s your most debilitating distraction? 

My inability to sit still for long periods of time. I have to get up and move, and by that time, my mind has wandered over to something else. Work is a very close second.

Write Horror: What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you while writing? 

Working a full-time job. I’m dead serious. This year, I turned very ill in the middle of the month, and I pretty much crashed and burned.

Write Joy: What’s the best thing that’s ever happened while writing or how do you celebrate small victories?

I listened to one of my characters and discovered that she had a crush on someone I wasn’t expecting. It was beautiful, and I love it when I find something new about one of my characters!

Write Crew: Who do you communicate with or not communicate with while writing? 

Kat Kennedy and Morgan are two of my biggest inspirations. Other than that, my Twitter. My Twit friends are so awesome. <3

Write Secret: What’s your writing secret to success or hidden flaw? 

My hidden flaw is that I am HORRIBLE at writing action scenes!

Write-spiration: What always makes you productive?

A relaxing day will help me write in the evening. When I get to a stumbling point, I go to the gym and crank up some music, and the creativity just flows back in.

Write Peeve: What’s one thing writers do (or you do) that’s annoying? 

Get distracted by the internet. It is the WORST.

Write Words: Share one sentence from a project, past or present? 

“We don’t have dragons or Elves where I come from, so we’ll call it even.”

Lyn Sig Plant

Did you participate in NaNoWriMo this year? Are you already planning for next year?

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  1. First question: I’ve done NaNo twice, this year and in 2013.
    2nd Q: I honestly can’t remember, but I’ve been a member at NaNo for over two years. I know I hear lot of authors uses it but what made me decide to try it? I have no idea.
    3rd Q: Firestarter. this WIP is still in the rough draft stages and I know I need a new title.
    4th Q: Fan-Fic story of a character from Gone with the Wolf by Kristin Miller.
    5th Q: Gosh I get so many advice but I guess the most common one that I hear repeatedly is write what you want to write.
    6th Q: Last year I did because of my schedule with school, I wanted to write but the course load was so overwhelming.
    7th Q: Pinterest often helps me explain the visuals.
    8th Q: Two days after my arrest, I walked to the private court hearing in chains.
    9th Q: I love to write, always have and it lets me go to another world another mind.
    10th Q: I often drink Diet coke and Chips if I get my hands in the bag. I too have unhealthy habits.
    11th Q: I listen to a range of music, oftentimes Evanescence is on that playlist and breaking Benjamin then it’s all a mixture.
    12th Q: getting distracted with TV but then I also have to get up and move around because either my toes get cold because I’m cutting the circulation from my legs to my feet or my feet starts to fall asleep. I have a pressure point that will make my feet fall asleep when I sit cross-leg.
    LUCKY 13th Q (Not that lucky): Honestly I was worried I wouldn’t make it to 50K in time, I had other stuff to do that by the time I want to write it’s almost 10:30 at night.
    14th Q: For one of my WIP series (it’s a series I just gotta write the books) my two characters have decided to finally make amends and just finally be together because they love each other. For them to finally reach this point was bittersweet, I was worried how long the grudges and distrust were going to go on, essentially I want them to have a happy ending and I think they will finally when it come time to write the END of the series.
    15 Q: Honestly? I talk rarely to others, but with this Fan-Fic I talk a lot with Kristin to make sure that I was getting the grits on this one character although I know she said she never really thought about him particularly but she was willing to help me get into the family past.
    16th Q: Not so hidden flaw my grammar skills is not the best.
    17th Q: Music usually makes me productive
    18th Q: I don’t know
    19th Q: “Then it seems that your borrowed kidney holds the key”
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  2. I love that you did this tag! Your sentences that you shared are awesome. Love the first line from one of your books. That line would inspire me to read more. 🙂 I love that advice from Marissa Meyer too. Sometimes I feel like I have to write pages and pages every single day, but it’s nice to hear that even a sentence can be beneficial. Sometimes that is all my mind will allow me to do. And oh man, the Internet is the WORST!!! During NaNoWriMo, I would write 200 words, check Facebook. 500 words, check Twitter, 300 words, check my blog, etc., etc. What a time suck.
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