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I did it. I have finished the Lunar Chronicles this year by polishing off Winter and Fairest.

This has been one of the longest and most heart-stopping book journeys I have ever taken. There is no way I could write a review for the final novels in the series. Reviewing series books is difficult, and besides, my co-blogger already wrote a perfect review.

However, I do want to talk about my overall reflections on the entire series, and what it meant to me.

I can remember after reading Cinder, I was a bit confused and unclear on my overall feelings. The plot twists were simplistic and transparent, and nothing was a shock or a surprise. However, I had fun with the book. I loved the idea of a cyborg Cinderella losing her foot. How perfect is that? Also, Meyer gave her Main Love Interest something other than an obligatory major supporting role – she fleshed him out and gave him a story line as well. A real one, which the reader could see.

In Scarlet, I loved the main character, but I was a bit put off by the romance between the two new main people. It was a bit creepy how Wolf became so dependent on Scarlet. There wasn’t nearly enough Cinder and Kai, but I enjoyed the new, rougher part of the girl squad.

In Cress, the action started to move forward, but the new member, Cress, just irked me with her simpering, idiotic actions. I really couldn’t bond with her. The rest of the novel was pretty good.

In Winter, I fell in love with the latest installment of Cinder’s team, the action and the planning was wonderful, but there were times when the romance just drug down the story line, and I was really upset how Cress came across as a complete buffoon, crying and pouting during an important mission on the status of her love life. Even if she was trapped away for years from the rest of the world, I found it hard to believe she would have the nerve to have a fit right in the middle of an important mission. But it was interesting to see a female character with a mental illness come to the forefront. There is a girl hero with a mental disorder. That is just…amazing. I’m blown away, and I love Winter and Meyer so much for this.

This is a series that always left me feeling conflicted, because I rewarded the entire series, including Fairest, with three stars.

For every book. I liked the characters, I adored the female friendships, the politics was just enough to make the book awesome, but not droll, and some of the romances were cute. However, my final decision was that I just simply liked the series, instead of loving it, like the rest of the blogsphere. I was excited by each book coming out, but I knew that it wasn’t going to thrill me, like my other friends on my feed. It was the story that kept me coming back. Winter and Scarlet almost got four stars, but something always just robbed the last star away.

So how could I get so worked up over the prospect of a new book in a series that was lukewarm for me? How can I feel so distraught that a series could end, yet I never gave the books a top spot on my yearly best of list? Is it odd that I want to see this author in person and admire her, yet I do not find her one of my favorite authors? Sometimes, with books, I love the message, or the spirit of the book, instead of the actual novel itself. I fell in love with the concept of a mainly girl team saving the world. The author was correct – this had a huge Sailor Moon feel to it, and it made me rally behind the idea of the message that we can be heroes as well, and not just sexy secondary characters in a fellowship of testosterone. The men helped, supported and allied with Cinder and Company, the the five-team girl squad were the real saviors of the day.

Is there a series or a book that you love the concept more than the story? Do you have your own author that you support without quite enjoying their novels? Do you get caught up on the hype and the popularity of a book or book series? 


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  1. You had me thinking about this and after some checking I definitely found out I have more books where I loved the concept, but not the story/execution/characters/or a combination of all those aspects. It’s always a shame when that happens, because something holds you back from completely falling in love.

    I didn’t have that problem with the Lunar Chronicles though. This series has completely stolen my heart, despite some things I believe could have been better. It’s simply magical to me and my fairytale-loving heart is really happy and satisfied how this series turned out 🙂

    Great discussion post, I liked reading your opinion about the series!
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