5 Tips To Help You Decide Which Book To Read Next

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Imagine that for the first time, your ARC stack is cleared (HA! YEAH RIGHT!) and you actually have the chance to choose your next read. You stand in front of your humongous bookshelf, and look at all the books. Slowly, you take out one book. And then as you walk past another shelf, you take another, and another and another.



And soon, you’re just standing there with five books in your arms, and still looking back at your shelf as you contemplate about the other books. Oh, maybe I should read Outlanders. Wait, Winter! Okay, actually maybe I shall start with Truthwitch. Oh, lookie, there’s Passenger! Seems familiar? I mean, if you’ve never had this problem before, THEN YOU PROBABLY HAVE 10 PAIRS OF EYES. OR MAYBE YOU CAN CLONE YOURSELF. WOAH.

Though, okay, I know some people do actually read a few books at once. But if you’re not that kind of person, like me, then this post is gonna help you choose the next book to read!


COVERS. Covers are bae. I mean, it’s usually highly likely that a pretty cover has an awesome story too. I mean, look at the whole Cinder series. And Throne of Glass. SERIOUSLY. So, the first thing you need to look at is each and every cover of the books that you want to read next. Pick the prettiest covers first. Those covers are the books that hold the highest priority at that moment.


Thick or thin? Do you want a book that would take you a while to relax and read, or do you want to read one that you will just breeze through? Size matters, my dear wizards! Actually, it’s more like thickness matters….. But anyway, yes, this does matter, whatever this is. I mean, if you’re looking for a light read, and you decide to pick up Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows, WOULDN’T THAT BE CRAZY?! Have you seen how thick that book is? Okay, so at this point, you’re maybe left with still pretty much a whole lot of choices, say, around 8-10 books still? Or maybe this tip has no relevance whatsoever to you because all the books in your arms are thick?


GENRES? What are you in the mood for? Dragons? Maaaagic? I’m always in the mood for magic. AHEM, ANYWAY, yes, what are you in the mood for? I highly doubt all the books in your arms are of the same genre. I mean, if they are, WELL. SERIOUSLY? You fabulously weird, bruh. Usually, you’ll always have a certain mood for a certain period of time. Like, hey, since it’s Christmas, maybe you’re looking forward to reading some contemporary. Or maybe a sad book that will make you cry. Hence, you will have left with The Endgame, Six of Crows, A Courts of Thorns and Rose, More Happy Than Not. See what I did there? But you’re still left with 4 books in your hands!


ROMAAAANCE TIME~ At first, I wanted to ask would you want romance in your book? But I realize that’s kind of a moot point if in Tip #3, you actually chose ROMANCE as your genre. HAH. So, instead, I shall ask, are you okay with love triangles? (Please skip this step if all your books doesn’t have romance.) I do confess that I don’t particularly like love triangles. I don’t HATE it. I just prefer to avoid it if I could. Because I don’t like it when the female character flirts with two guys AT ONCE. BUT I am relatively fine with the character being surrounded by multiple hot guys *coughThroneofGlasscough* HEHE. Anyway, yeah, so pick your choice! AND LOOK, now you’re left with TWO BOOKS ONLY. YAY.


READ THE DAMN SUMMARY. And pick the one that interest you the most. Pick the one that speaks to your heart. Choose the one book that you love deeply. HAHAHAH OKAY I WENT OVERBOARD THERE. But really, people always tend to rush through the blurb of a book. I think it actually helps in picking out a book to read. Are you in the mood for 5 different fugitives running around, carrying out the scariest heist ever? Or do you prefer a female assassin killing everything in her way?


Here’s the thing, people. I actually used these tips to help me choose a book to read next. It may not be in that order, but this is basically how I use the method of deduction to read that ONE book I’ve been dying to read. So, does it work? In my opinion, I would say YES.

But if you still can’t choose a book to read? Write them down on pieces of paper, crush them up, throw them around, and pick one at random!


10 responses to “5 Tips To Help You Decide Which Book To Read Next

  1. Oh U nailed it with this post, I loved it,!!I actually do a few of those things anyway-The Cover is always interesting, one time I just closed my eyes to pick a book-and read it!! thanks for a great post!

  2. Haha I choose books by cover A LOT. More than I should, I’m sure. Recently I read the first few pages of every single unread book that I own just to see which would hook me… I was also in an epic reading slump, but it helped!! I found a book that I couldn’t put down 🙂 Your commentary was very entertaining BTW 🙂

  3. OMG This. I am probably the single worst person EVER when it comes to picking a new book to read, Kara and Lyn know this from me moaning about it to them for gods know how long.

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