Top Ten Tuesday: Thanksgiving

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Top Ten Tuesday

Thanksgiving is two days away! While we all celebrate a holiday with a storied and controversial history (frankly I think it’s a stupid holiday but I like to eat stuffing and green bean casserole), Lyn and I want to talk about what bookish things/people/etc. we are thankful for.

But first, here is a cat unimpressed by his owner’s turkey.


Why does that turkey look like it has a face on it? *shivers*

Border Leaf

Things Kara is Thankful For:

1. The Book Depository ~ I couldn’t possibly write a post like this without mentioning The Book Depository. Why? Because I wouldn’t be able to ship prizes to our amazing international readers without it. Some blogs make their giveaways US/CA only, but I can’t do that because that would leave so many of you out. Plus, free shipping. I can’t complain. They’ve got a good thing going, they’re incredibly useful, and I hope they never go away. No, they’re not perfect and sometimes take a long time to ship, but that’s okay because what they do offer is irreplaceable.

2. My co-bloggers ~ I don’t think I would still be blogging without them. I can’t believe I was a solo blogger for so long. I can’t believe I managed to come up with posts almost every day by myself. At some point we will be looking to bring on a 4th co-blogger (we do have someone in mind), but I am still REALLY happy with the arrangement we have now. Pixie and Lyn are real life friends as well, and we all understand each other and the things that come up that keep us from blogging well. I am thankful for the friendship and working relationship that we have!

3. Goodreads ~ Goodreads, you pissed me off for a long time. I tried different sites, I tried to not use Goodreads, I deleted my profile (that was a huge mistake because I miss all my custom shelves), but in the end I came back because I missed my friends, the database, and the wealth of information there. And in my heart I knew, all things pass with time. I would get over it, the horrible people causing all the drama and dissension would move on, etc. And they have, and it did. Goodreads is a happy place for me again. I still mostly don’t post full reviews there, but it’s more that I am lazy than I don’t want them to have my content. But I eventually probably will. I can’t blog without Goodreads.

4. Amazon ~ I know there is lots of anti-Amazon sentiment out there, but as someone who doesn’t leave the house that much, and also who can’t afford much else, the books, supplies, and a million other things that I can find on the site keep me happy.The prices, the convenience, my Prime membership…thank you Amazon for meeting my needs and having awesome customer service for when you don’t.

5. My blogging friends ~ Aside from my co-bloggers, there are many other wonderful people in the community that I love and would not continue to blog without. Kat, Jessie, THT, Christina, Mel, Blythe (I miss you), Meg, Debby, Steph, Ray, Brianna, Gillian, Giselle, Miranda, Jenni, Paige, Brigid, Alexia, Lexxie, Angie, and many that I am sure I’ve missed, I know I’ve been missing from Twitter more than usual, but friendships never die, and I still think about you all often. You guys are what keeps me keeping on. Without this fabulous community, I wouldn’t even bother.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Kara, KaraSig

Things Lyn is Thankful For

1. Friends who can deal with my crap – Pixie and Kara are always there for me. They have my back and have become free therapy. I am so thankful for this community. I’m so afraid that I am going to leave out someone, but thank you to: Jessie and Dani, Kat, Meg and Steph, Debb, Gillian, Morgan, Paige, Vane, The Holiest of Terrors, Alexia, Christina at Christina Reads YA, Miranda, Red Mattos, Brigid, Blythe, Mel, Paige, Lexxie, and Cynthia – thank you, everyone who has made Twitter and other social media sites wonderful.

2. NetGalley – This year was a great one for ARCs! Netgalley and all of the partner publishers has really introduced me to some new books, new authors, and has given me the opportunity to explore so many new titles this year. It brings me a bit of pride to help cover and discuss the new releases on the blog!

3. Great book resources, such as Amazon, Half Price Books, and Book Outlet – Seriously, I wouldn’t have the library I have today without the awesome deals I can find on novels and books. This isn’t a cheap hobby, but there are some places that can help out a reader build up a personal library and book queue. I’ve been around the book community now for 5 years this October (WOW!) and I finally, for the first time in my life, have an understanding to my taste and likes when it comes to books!

4. Authors – There are so many AWESOME authors on the webz: Jodi Meadows, Claire Legrand, Leigh Bardugo, Laini Taylor, Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman, Courtney Summers, Hannah Moskowitz, R.C. Lewis, Sarah Fine, and so many others that I know I can’t remember to put here right now. I love how much these professionals love their community and their readers.

5. Co-bloggers – Yeah, I couldn’t be here today without the support and the love of these two ladies. I think Kara is now my longest online friend I have ever had, and the two of us have gone through a LOT together, but here we are, still working as a team and taking the world by storm. I’m so happy we have Pixie on board, since she brings something new to the voice of the blog. I also have to pause and put here that Jessie from Ageless Pages has been a huge help to me this year, with the group discussions, and I’m honestly starting to see her as a co-co-blogger (if that even exist!) I cherish these women, and I hope to have them around forever.


Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, and thank you for making this such a great place!

6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Thanksgiving

  1. Love your list Kara! I love The Book Depository too, it feeds my need for UK books I can’t get in the US yet haha. And I do love Amazon, it’s convenient and sometimes the price really is too good to pass up. Goodreads is AWESOME. Blogging friends are the best 🙂

    Aww Lyn, you are so sweet! I’m thankful for blogging friends too… and authors… and all those sites you listed! Happy Thanksgiving to you both!
    Morgan @ Gone with the Words recently posted…Book People Talk Movies: Morgan talks The Princess and the Frog!My Profile

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your choices girls, especially Netgalley my gosh it has opened my eyes to SO many amazing books this year and I am eternally grateful for being able to receive them 🙂

    Here is my TTT post @ Emma’s Bookery ,of Ten Authors I’m Thankful For if you would like to check it out! Hope you’re both having a great week so far! 😀 xx

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