Top Ten Tuesday: Author Mash-Ups We’d Love to See

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This week’s topic: Top Ten Author Duos We Would LOVE To See Write A Book Together

Peanut butter and jelly. Oreo cookies and milk. Cheese and macaroni. Peas and Carrots. Chocolate and [fill in the blank here] – pairs made in heaven.

This week, Pixie and I discuss our dream pairings, the perfect OTP of author talents in books. Today, we present novels we would love to see written by our bookish dynamic duos.

Border Leaf

Pixie’s Pairings

Laini Taylor & Leigh Bardugo
I don’t think I can imagine a more perfect pairing. Laini’s lyrical prose combined with Leigh’s detailed world-building combined with both of their unique and crafty story-telling abilities. Now I’m like secretly dreaming of this mash-up.

Naomi Novik & Maria V Snyder
Novik is a recent addition to my shelf after reading Uprooted, and I’ve already begun buying and collecting her other works. Her writing style just really impressed me and it was such a gorgeous fantastical style at that. I admit: I haven’t read Snyder’s (sci-fi, I believe?) Inside Out just yet, but I have read several of her fantasy works. I think putting the two of these together would make for something really wonderful. They’re both great at that romance side, too.

Gayle Foreman & Laurie Halse Anderson
I just feel like these are probably the queens of young adult contemporary… or pretty close to it. I’ve read a few of Anderson’s. Adored the one so far of Foreman’s I’ve managed to pick up–and plan to pick up more. I think they would mesh well together, would create something stunning, and would probably bring us all to a great big sobbing mess by the end.

Richelle Mead & Melissa Marr
Ah, two of perhaps my favorite authors since I started picking up YA again around the age of 19-20. This was really a random mash-up decision, mostly because I adore these two ladies, but I think it would be interesting to see their skills blend together. Marr works extremely well in a number of genres and styles, especially paranormal/urban fantasy, and I think Mead works best in paranormal. They are both great at crafting some interesting characters and building worlds. I think I’d really love something with both of their names attached!

Robin Talley & Markus Zusak
Now these two I think it’s pretty much a given from the start that you would need a box or two of tissues by your side. I would want a mash-up with them though because I think their skill set is best with historical areas, particularly controversial points, and heart-wrenching times. But they’re both strong writers in crafting characters and conveying the emotions. They need to be a duo for sure.

P.S. Just got a peek at Lyn’s! Wow, same brainwaves for Laini and Leigh. 😛 Hehe.. But I’m glad I’m not the only one to think of that!

Pixie Sig Plant

Lyn’s Pairings

Claire Legrand and Sarah Fine
I have wanted this for the longest time. These ladies have yet to present a book I have disliked, and I always felt that their stories could be set the in same universe. With Legrand’s reputation as the Queen of Creep and Fine’s stellar character building that decimates your heart, this duo would have a wonderful, beautiful story between them.

Laini Taylor and Leigh Bardugo
Wow, Pixie and I are on the same page here. It might seem odd that two well-known world building authors would make the list, but the talent they both possess for characters and fictional settings is stellar. Bardugo’s humor meets Taylor’s lyrical prose? I think I would die if this was a real thing.

Jodi Meadows and Rae Carson
These two wonderful ladies always seem to run in the same vein, and with teamwork, I could see a great novel with Carson’s characters and Meadow’s outstanding setting.

Hannah Harrington and Courtney Summers
The two authors rank quite high on my contemporary author list. I’m not sure if Harrington is still writing, but Speechless meets All the Rage? No heart would be left undecimated.

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart
Could you not just see the most perfect political satire penned by these two? Oh, hell, I just want them to get married and for life to come to a complete circle.

Lyn Sig Plant

What authors do you daydream about pairing up? Do you like co-author books?

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