Supernatural: My Decade-Long (and counting) Obsession

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If you’ve never even heard of Supernatural, you should probably go do some research. Like maybe a lot of Netflix research. You could even tweet me the entire time of your “research.”


With tonight’s Season 11 (wow!) premiere, I wanted to write up this post mostly in part to share my deep, intense love for not only the show, but the actors/cast surrounding it. Throughout the last decade, this show took a hold into my heart and hasn’t let go. I always tell people Supernatural isn’t just a show, it’s a lifestyle. When you become a fan, you are stepping into a different and unique kind of fandom full of spunk and love.

When I started watching with the premiere way back in ’04, I never thought it would grow to something so big. I mean, of course I loved it from day one, but I have a slight problem with television series and the point of sticking with them. I can love and obsess like crazy. There are still rare few that have ended some years now and I’ll watch re-runs (Friends, Buffy, Boy Meets World). However, I get bored easy too. Plots wear thin with me. Or time restraints might eventually restrict me from a show and I’ll give up after so much. Besides a few special ones, I have to say I hardly ever make it past the fifth season mark-if that-with shows.

I had those same notions toward Supernatural in the beginning.

Oh… this is fantastic!

Yes! A season 2! Season 3! Hell yeah! Season 4! Crap.. starting to get busy, but yah!! Season 5! Season 5 ended… and the sad news for fans everywhere started spreading. Was it ending??? No, it couldn’t be?!


I was finding myself frantically searching all the time to find out information. But great news came just in time: they were going to do another season, and another, and another. Supernatural was Super-fantastic, and they weren’t going anywhere. Whew. I suddenly knew that no matter what, this wasn’t going to be one of my “abandoned” shows. This is perhaps the best show I’d ever had in my life. I totally get it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.

The best seasons for me have always been 1-5, where the humor is strong and it focuses more on the monster hunting until a more solid foundation of a steady story builds into place. While 6-8 were great, and had some of the best cast of secondary characters, I found those to be slightly on the weaker side with a need for more depth. 9 & 10 brought some of the humor back from the beginning seasons and they thrilled me just for that alone. Last season (10) also included a musical episode. *fistpump*

I could sit here and try to summarize everything, the last ten years, but you don’t even know how insanely long this post would become with that. When season eleven starts tonight (on the CW at 9/8c!), our boys are already starting out in a bit of a bind as the world is encased in darkness. I have been on the edge of my seat since finale a few months ago!


So, what is it about Supernatural?

Hot cars, hot music, hot damn.

I love that Impala, for starters. I’m a fan of classic cars. Most people probably wouldn’t associate me to that. My dream car is a 67 Mustang Fastback, but I’d take the Impala any day, also. Lol. Naturally I love the show’s music as well being a rock and classic rock fan. It’s even more hilarious and awesome when seeing the guys singing along with the lyrics, either on the show or in the blooper reels.

Hot Damn=Haven’t you seen the guys?? Come on! How can they find so many hunky dudes for one show?? Especially Jensen.

Also fun fact: Did you know that Jensen Ackles was the first choice casting choice for Captain America? He had to decline due to Supernatural commitments.

Speaking of funny…. They are really funny.

Yeah, this show isn’t all serious and boo-hoo (though, it has a lot of that too). You’ll laugh a lot also. And when you’re not laughing at parts of the show, check out bloopers or videos from the conventions they go to (Jensen also sings… *swoon*) and they will get you laughing until you cry–happy tears!

The Supernatural Fandom

This fandom is probably one of the most outrageous but coolest you’ll find online, most particularly Tumblr (trust me, you’ll find all kinds of Supernatural stuff anywhere online).



Do you watch Supernatural? Are you an addict like me? If not, what are you waiting for? LOL. :p


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5 responses to “Supernatural: My Decade-Long (and counting) Obsession

  1. I’ve seen a lot of supernatural gif’s aroudn, but never watched the series. Maybe I should give it a try once, you definitely make it sound like a great series. Alhough those 11 seasons are daunting, it’s also nice to know there is a lot to watch if you do enjoy the show.
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  2. I finally started watching it after the kids in my volunteer group kept bugging me about it (and seeing fun fan stuff all over Tumblr of course). I’m only on like episode 7 or 8 of S1 so I’m trying to avoid too many spoilers, but I’m pretty sure there’s a decade time limit on spoiler warnings (at least) so it’s been kinda hard. Just… please tell me the lady characters get more interesting + permanent as the show matures???
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  3. Love, love, love Supernatural!! I only started about two years ago and am still pretty behind (I just finished season 7) but oh my gosh this show is EVERYTHING. I so agree with the humour – I literally laugh out loud for hours when I watch any episode and yes, the Winchester guys are very, very good-looking 😉

    Zareena @ The Slanted Bookshelf
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