Blogger Trick-or-Treat Kick Off

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The smell of chocolate. Pumpkin Spice food filling the shelves. Costumes and gruesome decor in every store – that’s right, here in the United States, Halloween is right on our doorsteps.

It’s the time of the year when we throw all of our resolutions and resolve into the cool fall winds and treat ourselves to the fantastic flavors of the season.

But we can’t forget the darker, spookier side of the holiday as well.

Halloween is here, witches!

Currently, Halloween is dominated by childhood activities and marketing, such as haunted houses, trick-or-treating, and pumpkin carving.  I love to see all of the kids excited about Halloween and the festivities involved, but what about some fun for the adults, soon to be adults, and the young at heart??

Some of you might be a bit too old to slap on a costume and go door-to-door, but here at Great Imaginations, we’re going to help you celebrate the season by hosting our Third Annual Blogger Trick or Treat!

How does it work?

One blogger a day will post a Halloween discussion, hosted on their website. We will link the website on our blog. When you visit our happy little blogger neighbor, they will provide you candy! The blogger will hide their favorite candy in the post, so you have to be diligent to get your treat, or you’ll end up tricked!

By the end of the trick-or-treating event, we’ll post a Rafflecopter where you list each blogger and their candy of choice. Three goblins will win a book of their choice up to $15.

And yes, this is definitely international!

We are honestly so excited about the event, and we hope all of you are as well!

Now off to get our tricks, treats, and our rocks!



First lovely blog on our block is Carlisa from Confessions of Carlisa! See what treat this blogger is handing out!


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