Sep 15 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookshelf Confessions

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This week’s topic: Free Topic!

There are times when a Top Ten topic comes up, and I’m just not ready to share. If I am in a horrible blogging slump, or if I feel anxious due to some drama, I can’t put into words what I love about blogging. I cannot even tell you the number of times when I thought of something PERFECT to say….for a topic that we did two weeks back.

There are some great bookish confessionals that I have been brewing in my head, and this week, I thought it was a perfect time to do some confessing! This week, Pixie and I share our top ten book confessions!

Border Leaf

Lyn’s List

That’s right – there is just something magical about an author’s signature in their own book. One of my bucket list items is to have at least one signed book by my top authors (PSSSSS – I’m gonna need Courtney Summers to do a tour!!). However, I also want to MEET the author to sign my books. If there is a giveaway from a signed copy of a book I love by an author I love, I’m still going to jump all over that. It makes my books feel more special to me!

I always go on about the ease of reading a Kindle book, and I am thankful for eARCs in this day and age, but my favorite bookish format will always be hardcover…and while we’re on that subject…

Dust jacket fan for LYFE, y’all. The covering gets such a bad rap by other people, but I love for my books to have the nice, glossy, glittering covers intact and present.

I’m the kind of person who loves pictures in a book and gifs in reviews. A recent rebel group of online readers have tried to ban gifs from reviews, but I think it adds a perfect touch of personality, and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Not to say that I won’t read your review if it is sans moving picture, but it will certainly catch my eye! The flip side is that I’ll avoid a review if there is a bunch of gifs of a person I can’t tolerate. I feel like a gif snob sometimes.

Please don’t think I am waving around a fishing pole here. I honestly mean it. When people mention that they enjoyed my review, I always get this freaked out feeling and think “HOW?” I will then go over the review to see what made it appealing. Seriously, I am so self conscious about my reviews. They are, hands down, the hardest part about blogging, and I always put up a review thinking how crappy it is, and how unworthy I am to be amongst some of the most awesome writers, ever.

Lyn Sig Plant

Pixie’s List

I collect special editions of classics, most particularly Shakespeare pieces and Wuthering Heights.

I love having matching bookmarks to the books.

I loved Harry Potter (Of course), but I have no interest in reading her book, The Casual Vacancy (sorry!).

I have a secret obsession with history non-fiction. Guess it’s no secret anymore.

If Stephanie Meyer wrote companion books to Twilight, spin-offs or prequels, that were about Alice, Carlisle, or any other of the family members I’d jump on them in a heartbeat despite my dislike on Twilight in general.

Pixie Sig Plant

Do you have any confessions? Is there any dark little secrets lurking around your own bookshelves?

13 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookshelf Confessions”

  1. Vane

    My bucket list also includes having a signed copy of a book by one of my favourite authors. Also… Lyn, you’re not the only one with reviewing anxiety. I suffer from the same too. But really, I do like your reviews!
    Vane recently posted…Review: Pretty GirlsMy Profile

    • Lyn Kaye

      I get kinda picked on because people don’t get the entire autograph thing, but I just love them. I would love to hunt down actor/actresses and get an autograph. I think it is just so freaking neat.

      I’m shocked to see some awesome reviewers have review anxiety. I guess it just comes with the territory, yeah?
      Lyn Kaye recently posted…Book Review: InfernoMy Profile

  2. SERIESous Book Reviews

    Dustjackets are fantastic. I take them off when I read but I like the idea that my cover won’t get ruined.

    I don’t mind GIFs in my reviews, I just hate when there are wayyyy too many. Like some people on Goodreads just have GIF after GIF with very little text. I suppose a picture says a 1000 words, but it just makes those reviews so long and tedious to read. 1-5, I’m cool 😉
    SERIESous Book Reviews recently posted…Tackling the TBR – September & October 2015 [3]My Profile

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