Story Sprites: One Month Left!

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Hey everyone! We have 25 days left for Story Sprites! And if you noticed, we have a new banner (woowoo!) We decided at the last moment to update the sprites. The new program and bases are SO CUTE! I am really excited to show everyone the final product!

So how are we doing on our own challenge?

I have two badges complete!

I might just have to admit defeat on the purple path (darn it!).

My other two co-bloggers are working hard on their own challenges. It will be very interest to see how we all fared!

How are the participants holding up? Are you looking for any books to fill in the gaps to complete a colored path? Are you thinking about the book who want to win? Any last minute ideas? Are you excited about round two? 

Leave us a comment!

Lyn Sig Plant

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