Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Of Your Auto-buy Authors

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Top Ten Tuesdays

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This week’s topic: Autobuy Authors

I love revisiting the older TTT topics. When I started blogging, I still wasn’t certain about my own reading tastes and preferred authors. When I did this topic back in 2013, I was grasping at straws. I just picked authors that I had read previous books from, books that I liked. I was a bit lost and unsure. Even though I no longer have those authors on my list, that does not mean I love them any less. I just have a smaller budget for books now.

Two years down the road, and now I am in tune with my preferences.

I wish I could make a list of 20 or 30 authors that automatically make it into the check out cart, but my bank account would punish me. I have quite a few authors that I watch out for, but, for the sake of sanity and fiances, I have a small list that are automatic preorders.

This week, Pixie and I share which writers’ novels we collect ASAP.

Border Leaf

Pixie’s List

Richelle Mead

Started reading her as probably one of my very first YA series when leaving my teen years… when I got back into reading a whole lot and really picking up more YA. Before my early twenties, the majority of anything I did read fell largely in adult category or classics (well, except for HP). Fell madly in love with Vampire Academy. I have some major fangirl moments even now, I swear.. Then I fell even more in love with Bloodlines. I’m always excited for any new Richelle Mead material! Plus she’s a redhead. Redheads gotta stick together. 😉

Stephen King

I don’t enjoy everything by him, I’ll be honest there, but it just seems like I have to go out and at least try to buy nearly every one of his books. He’s a big influence either way, and I admire the hell out of the man. So I’m honored to put my money into purchasing his work and displaying on my shelf as much as I can.

Melissa Marr

This is another special “oldie” author that’d been one of the first reads back in really early twenties, just leaving teen years, but starting to get back into reading more again… along with reading more YA. The Wicked Lovely series happened to be recommended to me and I gave it a chance to find it quickly became one of my favorites EVER, along with the author (of course). Nowadays, anytime I know there’s an upcoming Marr book I get my wallet ready.

Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson is fairly new to my auto-buy list. Only in the last year or two I’ve begun really getting into a lot of his work, but better late than never! Whew. I don’t know if I can really describe my feelings here. This man can write some of the best epic fantasy I’ve ever read in my life, that’s all I can say. I think it’s safe to say anytime I see a book with his name attached, I have quite a bit of confidence in it. And I’ll be in line to get it as soon as possible.

Rachel Caine

I actually wasn’t going to put her on this list at first, but stopped and thought about it. Truthfully, she was already there. The only book I probably don’t have of hers is the newest release. And that’s just for now… because I’m certainly planning to get it very soon. Her Morganville Vampires is addictive. Prince of Shadows was AMAZING (one of the best books I’d read last year, probably one of the best I’d read in recent years actually). I actually came across Ms. Caine’s work by random shopping one day several years ago, thought it sounded interesting, and haven’t looked back since. 😀

(I actually could’ve named a few more myself… Laini Taylor, Ilsa J. Bick, Holly Black, J.R. Ward… but this was fun!) 

Pixie Sig Plant

Lyn’s List

(I am going to exclude my two most FAVORITE authors, because those are a given: Laini Taylor and Marcus Sedgwick.)

Robin Talley

When I meet an author face-to-face, it really stays with me. I have a fondness for these authors. When said authors write great books, I know I never go wrong when I automatically purchase their next novel.

Courtney Summers

I have yet to run across anything by this author than I have disliked. She’s great on Twitter, and she can write about some of the toughest subjects with a certain finesse. I will always buy her books, always.

Claire Legrand

Claire! She’s so special to my heart! I love her books, I love her, and I love her writing style! She is made of sugar and sunshine, while her books are made of nightmares and creepiness.

Sarah Fine

Even though I have only read two of her books, this author had me sold after reading her follow up novel to Of Metal and Wishes. Fine has set herself in my heart, and her books in my hand, ASAP.

Leigh Bardugo

I’m just the typical Bardugo geek-girl. She could write a grocery list and I would purchase it, no qualms.

Lyn Sig Plant

Do you have any authors on your “autobuy” list? Has this list changed over time? Do you include co-authored books and anthologies on your list?

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