Story Sprites Check-Up

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Hello Readers!

It’s time to check in with our Story Sprites progress! At this point, we have a little less than two months left. We’re also opening the comments for help and feedback. Do you need help with a book? Do you want to see if a certain book is eligible? Have ideas for the next round of Story Sprites? How are you doing on your challenge?

We wanted to update you with our own progress as well! See if you match up and are doing better than we are!

Border Leaf


Hi everyone! I am really excited to see that I have completed 8 spaces, but I haven’t cleared one path quite yet.

I needed a quick, organized system to keep up with my list. Here is what I have created to help out with this challenge:

For the fun of it, I am also keeping up with my books on the board as well:

How are you doing with your own challenge?

Lyn Sig Plant


Uh, wow, Lyn! You really did this in a super detailed way. Also, you’re doing such a great job! I think I might try to do a chart like you did for the next round, but for now, all I have is a list. 😀


Cover with silver lettering: The Stellow Project by Shari Becker
Book With a Virus/Outbreak: Deck Z by Chris Pauls


Adult Sci-Fi: The Fold by Peter Clines

PINK Path:

Female Fronted Fantasy: Persuasion by Martina Boone


Features More Than One Female Protagonist: Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson


Novel Over 400 Pages: The 3rd Woman by Jonathan Freedland

Obviously I could be doing better. I only have 6 books on the board, and the book I am reading now doesn’t qualify. But with review books and Big Brother going on, I consider this progress good. Honestly, my goal is just to finish a single path this time. But I’m kind of just reading what I want and filling in as I go, so I doubt that will happen. When the next round starts, I will probably participate a LOT more.

Kara Sig Plant

Loooove the detail, Lyn! YAH! Also you both put me to shame. LOL. I have been in a horrible reading slump, so…

Pink Path

Female Fronted Fantasy: Poison Study — Maria V. Snyder
First Book in a Series: The Fixer — Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Orange Path

Book Set in California: Delicate Monsters — Stephanie Kuehn

I could have probably counted one or two more, but I think I’d like to save the spots and see what else I could fill them with later. My reading schedule will likely be much better toward the end of the month and through September at least so maybe next update my part for the board will look better. 😛

Hope everyone is having a great time!

Pixie Sig Plant

6 responses to “Story Sprites Check-Up

  1. Great progress, everyone. I love Lyn’s colored chart.
    I’m really enjoying this challenge so far. 10 squares crossed off, myself (keeping track in a notebook and a goodreads shelf)
    I’m stuck on the female fronted fantasy square. Most of the books that come immediately to mind I have read before starting this challenge. Would urban fantasy count or is it more along the traditional/high fantasy?
    Heather recently posted…review: Review: Ruby Red (Precious Stone Trilogy #1)My Profile

    • I think you can count ANY fantasy as long as it’s actually fantasy. We didn’t specify that it had to be high fantasy, so why not? Start that urban fantasy series you’ve always wanted to read but never had the time to. 😉

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