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One of my favorite movies in the entire world is the animated feature, The Last Unicorn. Many of the lines in the movie stayed with me as I grew older. One of my favorite quotes is from the song That’s All I’ve Got to Say:

I’ve had time to write a book
About the way you act and look
But I haven’t got a paragraph
Words are always getting in my way

I’m not one of the best writers in the blogsphere. In fact, I feel that writing is one of my weaknesses. I have all of these wonderful thoughts and images when I read a novel. All of my feelings are churning and and pouring out as I read a wonderful book. I don’t so much read as I experience my stories. When I’m finished, I can’t wait to spill out my hypothetical guts to the world.

However, I hit a wall when I sit down to prepare my reviews. The words trip me up. I never can find the best descriptions for my feelings, or put down my thoughts onto paper (or, in this case, electronic pages).

I stumble over my own inadequacy in language. I hate writing reviews because it is seriously the hardest thing for me to express my emotions. Words and phrases seem to strangle what I am trying to say. I’m thankful that I have gifs to fall back on when I need to express something when my vocabulary lets me down. I was shocked when I was speaking with another blogger about this issue, and we were discussing how hard it is to put yourself down into words.

I read so many reviews by other bloggers and always think, “How do so many other bloggers write these wonderful reviews?” I’m not asking for pity or reassurance, because I will still have this sense that I just can’t cut it, because I AM HORRIBLE WITH LANGUAGE. My mind wanders, and so do my reviews. I often get confused with homophones and other such tricks, and I proofread as well as I can run a 30 mile marathon.

There are some major hurdles that I face when it comes to communication in general. Social anxiety is still an overwhelming problem, even on the internet. Dyslexia is another major issue that I face. I’ve always faced issues with reading and writing due to my condition. I’ve come a long way with these concerns, but they still plague me and dampen some of the fun in my hobby.

I get so frustrated with blogging at times because writing saps me and sometimes makes me feel horrible about my own abilities as a blogger. In books, the words are my allies and my friends, my lovers and my world. When it comes to reviews, the words are my enemy and my jailer. I often wonder why it is so terribly difficult to dictate my genuine thoughts and reactions to a story.

Do you have any downfalls in blogging? Do you get frustrated with reviews? Do you ever look over your work and think, “I thought this was going to be better!” Do you have an alternative to review writing?

Lyn Sig Plant

12 responses to “Imaginative Discussions: Words Get in the Way

  1. Everyone has their own way of writing reviews. I tend to ramble on in mine, go a little off track, and sometimes add personal instances that relate to something in the story. LoL Basically, my reviews are a hot mess because I write them as I think it in my head. Sure, I go back and edit it all but my personality still comes through in the end. Pretty much, if you and I were to sit down and talk books, my review would be exactly what I’d say to you.
    My biggest problem is when I didn’t love/hate a book. If the book didn’t give me any feels, I find myself dragging to write a review. I have nothing to say. I’ve seen bloggers who do bulletins for their reviews and maybe one of these days I will try that for the books that I just cannot form a review for.
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  2. Sometimes I feel this way with reviews – sometimes the words are just there you know? Other times I’m just blank and don’t get anything, even though I know what it is I want to say. I think if I didn’t feel greatly positive or negative, then I don’t say a lot, or I won’t feel like reviewing it at all, and that sucks sometimes. Reviews are my least favourite posts to write, so I do less of them on my blog now, but I totally see how you feel Lyn. Just go with whatever works, sometimes, just giving points on what you loved is so much easier, so try different methods of reviewing rather than big paragraphs 🙂
    Amanda @ Nellie and Co. recently posted…The Secret Life of a Book Blogger | In Where Secrets Spill..My Profile

    • Agreed. It seems like the words are just not enough sometimes. Even the bulletpoint reviews aren’t enough. I think at times it is a bit of burnout. Something that helps is focusing on something else, like tags or memes.
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  3. I get you, Lyn. >.< It's always the same for me. While I'm reading, I get all these thought I am going to write in my reviews, but when the time comes to actually do it, my mind goes blank. When I finish the reiew (after 1-2 hours or more) I sit there and read it, and I'm like, "hell, how do other reviewers do this so wonderfully?" I struggle so much with words. I've got to say, though, I actually like reading your reviews! 🙂
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    • Thank you. I’ve tried writing as I go, and that was even difficult. This year, I have honestly just reviewed the books I have had something to say, and that has relieved some of the pressure. I go through little review lulls.

      Thank you for the feedback. It is easy to freak myself out.
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  4. I feel EXACTLY the same way when it comes to reviews. But I mainly feel this way about books that I love. When it comes to books that I don’t like, I don’t have a problem describing what was wrong with the book. But when I LOVE a book, I just can’t find the right words to describe how much I absolutely love it. I have been trying to write a coherent review of The Book Thief for the last week. It is so HARD!!
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    • Writing reviews is one of the hardest things about blogging. I am very envious of bloggers who say that they love writing reviews, and hate doing memes and discussions, because it is the opposite for me. Book reviews is the heart of the blog, and I sometimes think I am a mediocre bloggers due to my disdain for writing reviews.
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