Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books of Mid-2015

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This week’s topic: Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2015

Where has 2015 gone??! Seriously, I can’t even believe how the past six months have just flown by. Before you know it, we’re going to be dodging Christmas carols on the radio and bemoaning that we have to write “2016” on everything.

I love this topic, because it is a nice chance to look back over the last 6 months of books and point out the novels that have set the bar for 2015. This week, Kara and I share our top mid-2015 picks.

Border Leaf

Kara’s Picks

This is my favorite middle grade so far this year. It’s exciting, whimsical, vivid, and has everything that makes a great escapist adventure. Plus, there is a great twist on faeries that I think readers will love. I really fell for K.E. Ormsbee’s writing. There is a level of sophistication there that is not present in most middle grade novels.
The Wrong Side of Right is my favorite contemporary book of the year so far. I thought I would hate it because it follows a GOP candidate running for president and I am FIRMLY a democrat, but that was not the case. This book blew my socks off with the characters, the writing, the plot–basically I went in with zero expectations and Jenn Marie Thorne ended up as an auto-buy author.
What can I say about Magonia? It’s wacky, whimsical, REALLY strange, and all sorts of beautiful. It is a blend of contemporary and fantasy, and it was one of the most memorable books I have ever read. If you keep an open mind and open yourself up to the weird, you will love it.
Ink and Bone is my favorite book of the year so far. Not that there was anything wrong with The Morganville Vampires, but I have a hard time believing the author of that campy series wrote THIS book. It’s brilliant. Original. The writing is suspenseful and excellent. It feeds you the story at the perfect rate and keeps you engaged until the very end. This book is brutal on your emotions, but it’s also a blast to read. I’ve pre-ordered it and I cannot wait to reread it.
I liked The Mime Order even more than The Bone Season. I love that this one was set in Scion London and I love all the different districts and characters we got to meet. If you are a fan of excellent world-building, this series is for you. It is excellent, loaded with depth, and you keep getting more with each book. It’s my favorite part of fantasy, and I loved the way it was handled here. This book was just exciting!
Kara Sig Plant

Lyn’s Picks

When I closed the back cover after reading Stitching Snow, I knew I had found a new favorite. This novel had everything that I love to see in a book – a wonderful female MC, a slowly budding romance, a darker twist in the story, and finally, subtle humor. I quite enjoyed this book, but there is no doubt that I loved the drones, especially Dimwit, and the little pieces of snark and the injections of perfectly-timed hilarity made this book shine.

Everyone on my GR page was just fangirling over this novel. I loved the geeky aspect of Ready Player One, and since I had hit a small reading slump around this time, I thought it would be a great idea to pick it up. While the 80s references and the geek culture was a huge plus for the book, I was not prepared for such an innocent-appearing novel to discuss some hard hitting issues, such as feminism, race issues and gender equality. I loved this book. I loved that it made he cry during each pivotal scene. Ready Player One is a gem that makes me remember why I read for a hobby – for books just like this one.

This is an older book, but I have to add this one to the list. Chime was a readalong with another blogger. I love to do readalongs, and this book turned out to be one of the best for partner reading. The writing was whimsical, the story was provoking, and the characters gave me a lot to think about. I was surprised and excited by their growth, and my heart hurt when the big twist came barreling into the plot, totally tearing down everything I had believed in the story. This book is a sorely underrated novel, and the best magical realism novel I have read, to date.

It is no small secret that I am a huge Courtney Summers fan. I was overly ready to put my hands on her next novel. It is safe to say that All the Rage is my favorite contemporary novel of 2015. Leave it to Summers to write a gritty, realistic book on rape and the fallout that girls experience. This novel doesn’t hold back any punches. It is going to hurt, but there is no doubt that we need more literature like this in the field.

This is another book that has no grey areas when it comes to bloggers: you either loved it or hated it. I was quite shocked when I ended up loving A Court of Thorns and Roses.  Sure, I wasn’t crazy about the main love interest, but I enjoyed the other male leads. The world building was beautiful, and I loved the pacing of the book. I love to look around the settings in a novel, and Maas’ new series allows you to experience her own fae world. Most of all, I just loved to watch Feyre’s growth, defeating her own demons as the story progressed.

Lyn Sig Plant

What are your own favorites from 2015? Have you read any of the books on this list?

8 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books of Mid-2015

  1. Okay I need to read Ink and Bone soon! And I wanted to read The Wrong Side of Right as well. I LOVED Stitching Snow and ACOTAR! A few of my other favorites: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel, Every Word, The Start of Me and You. Plus rereads. It’s been a good year so far 🙂

  2. So many great books on this list! So many still on my TBR. haha Love seeing All the Rage on here and Ready Player One. I have got to make time for A Court of Thorn and Roses but I’m waiting for the negative reviews I saw fade from memory. Ink and Bone was on another TTT I just read… I have got to get my hands on that one.
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