Top Ten Tuesday: My Ten Favorite Top Ten Topics (Done by Other Bloggers)

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Top Ten Tuesdays


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s topic: Favorite TTT topics

This week, we’re discussing our favorite top ten Tuesday topics. But I liked all of the topics on our blog. They’re all pretty nice. So this week, I’m going to talk about TTT topics done by other bloggers that still deserve a lot of love.


Border Leaf


Danielle at Ageless Pages Reviews complied a beautiful list of books that are unique to her. She has some beautiful novels listed, and I even picked up some new books off of this list.


Christina at A Reader of Fictions created a wonderful list of suggested programming from YA and NG lovers. Original and creative, this fresh list was fun to read highly informative!

Debby at Snuggly Oranges is a great blogger, with some outstanding content. Her Halloween Costume topic was lovely read, and flat-out hilarious.

Kim at The Midnight Garden authored a slamming girl-power fantasy post with a list of female headed fantasy novels. I loved it!


Gilly at Writer of Wrongs is always on her game with TTT topics. Fantasy is slightly lacking in diversity, but Gilly compiled a list to assist readers find books in the genre, toting  diversity.

Megan at Adrift on Vulcan has an older list that is still relevant with cover trends for novels. She uses a lot of examples in her list, which I LOVE for any TTT topic.

I have Debby once again! This time, she presents a list of books for the lovers of all things geeky and nerdy. I just loved this list, and I am amazed that Debby had a whole library of geeky books.

Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner hosted a list with characters with trauma and tough situations. For those who love a little grittiness in their reading shelf, this is a must-read TTT list.

I have another Gilly post here, but I just HAD to list it, because I just loved the choices and the graphics on her TTT topic!

I listed Christina at Christina Reads YA on my Chime review, but I just couldn’t leave it off the list. Because of this list, I read one of my favorite books of 2015.

Lyn Sig Plant

Have their been any favorite TTT topics from your own blog you like? Has another blogger knocked a topic out of the park?

4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: My Ten Favorite Top Ten Topics (Done by Other Bloggers)

  1. Lynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. SERIOUSLY. TWICE. TWICE YOU MENTION ME AND TWICE I CRIED. But you are awesome, not just for that, but for the fact that you twisted this topic to give a lot of love to some of my faaaavorite people <3

    I ADORE that post by Kim on girl power fantasy as well. Aaand yeah, Gillian and Christina are always on their game.

    But uh, this is probably one of my favorite TTTs I've ever seen 🙂 so yeah. *chucks brownies at you* (I'm in a weirdly playful mood idek)
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