Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Unrecognized Reads

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This week’s topic: Free!

So this week’s topic is our choice. Lyn and I figured we’d share our favorite reads that are bit more “under the radar” than the ones we usually hear about. If you’ve been on Twitter a lot lately, you might know of the QuietYA hashtag, which is pretty awesome, and what inspired us to share these books that we think deserve a lot more attention!

Border Leaf

Lyn’s Picks

Chime (Franny Billingsley): I am honestly shocked that this book doesn’t have more coverage. The writing is so beautiful, and the twist was honestly a shock to my system.

Ashfall (Mike Mullin): Yes, dystopians are so yesterday, but this is a disaster that could actually occur – there is some science supporting this story, making this sadly underrated series a superb YA example.

Stranger (Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith): A series that really takes a chance on a message, with a wonderfully mixed culture. This book is a self-published gem that deserves a bit more spotlight.

The Hallowed Ones (Laura Bickle): An interesting mix of theology and paranormal, this treasure of a thriller is a real surprise. The word needs to spread about this wonderful series.

A Curse as Dark as Gold (Elizabeth C. Bunce): A retelling that different, fresh and addictive. I really wish this novel had a bigger reading audience!

Lyn Sig Plant


Pixie’s Picks

I Am The Messenger (Markus Zusak): A lot of people know of The Book Thief, obviously. It’s more popular. But Zusak continues to wow in this title, which seems to be almost unheard of whenever I mention it and should get more attention.

The Art of Wishing (Lindsey Ribar): A genie. Contemporary. Romance. What more could you ask for? This is such a cute and fun read.

Ultraviolet (R.J. Anderson): I’m so surprised that this book and its companion, Quicksilver, don’t get a lot more attention. They are full of twisty goodness, gorgeous writing, and deep characters.

Wuthering Bites (Sarah Gray): Okay. I realize this one sounds silly. If you like/liked the trend of monster mash-ups at all (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, etc.), then this book is positively perfect. Even if you didn’t like that trend, but love the classic Wuthering Heights, it’s still perfect.  Just imagine: vampires in Wuthering Heights? It’s totally fitting, right? It works. Trust me. And this deserves all the attention. Haha.

Ashes (Ilsa J. Bick): The Ashes trilogy is probably one of my favorites by one of my favorite authors. I think Ashes did get a little hype in the beginning of release, but slowly faded out among all of the other big books releasing within the following years after–including its sequels. It’s really a fantastic set, especially if you like post-apocalyptic and zombies, and is extremely character-driven. (warning: can get quite graphic though)

Pixie Sig Plant


What would be some of your favorite most unrecognized reads?

8 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Unrecognized Reads

  1. Well I definitely didn’t read any of them. Thanks for the recs.
    It’s so sad when I great book is unrecognized or not popular while some mediocre ones get a lot of attention.
    Let’s see… My pick would be: The Body Electric, The Cadet of Tildor & Stolen Songbird.
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