Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

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Top Ten Tuesdays

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This week’s topic: Authors I Really Want to Meet!


Oh, holy creators of stories! Your humble servants come before you to offer our love and devotion! We yearn to bask in your greatness! Let us come forward and dabble in your glitter and sparkle!

This week, Lyn and Pixie share which authors they would totally fan-girl over, face to face.


Border Leaf

Pixie’s Authors

1. Richelle Mead
Well, after reading all of the Vampire Academy (and Bloodlines, and Dark Swan, and Gameboard of the Gods) books, I just feel like Mead is one of the top authors on my list of favorites in my life. I’m absolutely dying to meet her one day. And I’m sure I’ll make sure it happens sometime. Also, I’m super excited for her new book later this year!

2. Stephen King
A lot of reasons behind meeting this awesome guy. I need to give him a hug. He’s a fantastic author. He inspired my reading and writing. Quite simple.

3. Laini Taylor
I looooooveee every little bit about Laini Taylor’s writing. Like, maybe into jealous territory. I want to learn how to write like that. Lol. She’s amazing and I would love to meet her and stare in awe because I would be too scared to speak most likely.

4. J.K. Rowling
Okay, so this would probably be on my list of “most likely never going to happen” but I can dream. I think many of us hold a special place for the HP series. And how cool would it be to meet this amazing author, talk to her, and get books signed? I almost tear up at the thought. Lol.

5. Victoria Schwab
This lady is super adorable and super super sweet and I MUST meet her one day!

P.S. If I could have said, I also would love to see Melissa Marr again. She was wonderful meeting! 🙂

Pixie Sig Plant

Lyn’s Authors

1. Laini Taylor
It makes perfect sense that I would love to meet my author idol in the flesh. Although, I’m not sure I could talk to her. I can imagine myself shoving a copy of Dreams of Gods and Monsters at her, sobbing incoherently.

2. Marcus Sedgwick
My favorite male author just oozes charm – his picture, his words, and his themes. I desperately would love to meet him, face to face, and fangirl to him about his incorporation of science and Scandinavian Easter eggs into all of his novels.

3. Leigh Bardugo
This author writes the best love scenes, the best snappy, humorous lines, and can pump out some quotable phrases like a pro. Also, anyone who created Sturmhond should be personally thanked every day.

4. Courtney Summers
I mean this in the most non-creepy way ever: Summers always hits me with a punch in her novels. It is like she gets me – she puts into words some of the emotions and thoughts that have been lying at the bottom of my mind, unsolved and unexplored. She brings out something in me that is painful yet needed.

5. Claire Legrand (again)
I miss her. I love her energy and her positive vibes that surround her like a rainbow. Also, I need my copy of Winterspell signed, like, pronto.

Lyn Sig Plant
What authors would you love to meet? What would you say to them? If you could only choose one book for your favorite author to sign, which novel would you pick?

10 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

  1. Oh my god, that gif made me laugh harder than I should have. But it’s more than appropriate for this week’s TTT lmao.

    1. Richelle Mead: Considering I’ve only read one of Richelle’s books — Gameboard of the Gods — and I didn’t manage to finish it because it was soooooo slowwww (I’ll probably give it another go some other day, though, because I really like the concept), she isn’t that high on my author list, but I suspect that’ll change once I read Vampire Academy. Which I hope is soon because I already love Rose based on the first couple of chapters I *have* read!

    3. Laini Taylor: Totally not weird that one of the biggest reasons I want to meet Laini is because I want to see her pink hair for real and then maybe touch it. And of course talk about DoSaB. Of course.

    4. J.K. Rowling: Weeping because it’s not going to happen for me either, this woman is going to be as unreachable as the sun is. *cries* I would love to talk to her about HP and gush about how I had an incredible childhood because of it and how it changed my life, but I’ll probably just clam up and end up looking retarded because I’ll be too happy to do much else other than gape. 🙁

    5. Victoria Schwab: Ahhh, I still haven’t read anything by her but Vicious is up next on my list! EXCITED.

    8. Leigh Bardugo: Yes, yes, yes! I don’t remember ever falling so hard for every male character in a book (except maybe HP, but that doesn’t count because it’s holy) except for in the Grisha trilogy. And I wrote up an entire post basically singing praises to the series. This woman is a genius.

    9. Courtney Summers: Do you follow her on Twitter? She tweets the most hilarious stuff and I love her so much. I’d totally go meet her even if I hadn’t read any of her books just based on her tweets! To tell you the truth, though, I’ve only read one book by her, This is Not a Test, but that was enough to make me an eternal fan. I love her gritty writing so much.
    Megan (ง︡’-‘︠)ง recently posted…Need A Heart-Warmer?: Things We Know By Heart, Jessi KirbyMy Profile

    • When I found that gif, I was all over that, thinking YES!!

      If I met Laini, I’m so afraid I would turn into a mess and a total fangirl. She is my favorite writer, period, and I would give a lot to meet her face to face.

      I am so kicking myself. I missed my chance to go see Bardugo a few months ago because I was struggling with anxiety in a horrible way that weekend. I wish I could go back in time!

      I do follow Courtney Summers on Twitter, and we tweet back and forth quite a bit. I adore her! If you loved gritty, then I hope you pick up All the Rage.
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    • Pixie

      Well, King has a lot of good ones. 😛 I usually always recommend The Shining or Carrie as a King starter. Though he doesn’t always write horror. There’s also books like The Green Mile, which are excellent too. 🙂
      Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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