Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ll Probably Never Read

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This week’s topic: Books I’ll Probably Never Read

We all have our love of books. We can’t even get enough. Seriously, I’m pretty sure we have more books than any other item in our households.

But……there are some books that we’re just never going to give a second glance towards, because, life is short, and why waste it on a terrible book?

This week, Kara and Lyn discuss what books will more than likely never grace our TBR shelves.


Kara’s Won’t Read List

1. Moby Dick by Herman Melville

I want to read almost all the classics. But this is one I have no interest in reading. A 700 page book about WHALING? No freaking thank you.

2. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand’s most well known novel, I think. But mainly I won’t read this because of Ayn Rand. I think her ideas and ideologies are damaging and dangerous. Ayn Rand hates Socialists. And I’m pretty much a Socialist. I think any political idea used the wrong way can be damaging. Any Rand is a close-minded extremist.

3. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I am so fucking sick of hearing about this book, the movie, and anything about John Green. He is one of the most overrated authors there ever was. All his books are the same, and his female characters are grossly unrealistic. I have no interest in reading anything he writes. Also, the way he has to state a patronizing opinion about everything drives me batty. Stay out of things that don’t concern you, sir.

4. Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Anne Rice has single-handedly broke down author-blogger relations into an even worse state than they were before she opened her misinformed, close-minded mouth. She’s as long winded on her Facebook page as she is in her books. I have no interest in writing anything she ever reads but since this is her most famous work, I picked it. Get an editor, lady. And a decent publicist for your mouth.

5. The Calling by James Frey

Nope, nope, nope. Full Fathom Five, not paying authors their worth, blah, blah, blah. Do not put your money in this skeeze’s pocket.

Kara Sig Plant

Lyn’s Won’t Read List

1. No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale

There is just too much negativity surrounding this novel for my taste. I can’t even read it to get a snark out of it, because when i think about this novel, I start getting the ragey feels.

2. Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Once again, too much has happened with this author. I can’t even imagine that I could relax and enjoy myself. Also, I have read samples of the writing, and it very much seems like a non-Lyn book.

3. Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year by Demi Lovato

I have some real issues with Lovato, and I am sick to death of watching her profit off of her victim identity. Look, it is WONDERFUL that she overcame so many issues, such as an eating disorder and addiction, but when you adopt that as your persona, I worry about the message it sends to younger readers that you are only strong if you defeat your demons. Also, Lovato is a well-documented bully, so this all seems like a steaming pile of bullcrap. I don’t appreciate seeing a bully tote some type of feel-good, I’m-so-wonderful novel.

4. The Calling by James Frey

Fraud, liar, and the idol of many trolls, I can’t get past the issues with the writer and the publishing company that he author runs.

5. Anything by Rush Limbaugh, Ron Hubbard, Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter

There is only so much stupid I can digest.

Lyn Sig Plant

Do you have books that you just have no interest in reading? Do you avoid any type of books?

17 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ll Probably Never Read

  1. After years of putting it off, I finally read TFiOS a few months ago… yeah, it wasn’t for me. All of the characters got on my nerves and the plot was so unrealistic it made me mad. Yet another example of why I hesitate to read books that are SO hyped.

    • Yeah, I don’t have much luck with hyped books either. If it’s something I know is going to have a huge amount of hype, I read it ahead of the hype or wait a couple years. I tend to get let down a lot because my tastes are so different from the norm.

  2. I liked The Fault in Our Stars when I read it, but after trying out other John Green books, I have been extremely disappointed. TFiOS was the first cancer book I read after my friend died of cancer and it was just very emotional experience for me. I’ve tried reading it again afterwards and it just hasn’t worked for me the same way. I saw the film too and meh, not anything special. And that trailer for Paper Towns… I haven’t read the book, but seriously, a story about a girl who hides just so a guy can find her? WHY?

    I also hate the whole “for the fans of John Green” trend that is now linked to pretty much every book that features illness and these manic pixie girls loved by there hipster guys who quote Hemingway or something like that.
    Milka@ReadReadRead recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday (#27): Ten Books I Will Probably Never ReadMy Profile

    • I tend to avoid cancer books because the disease just hits REALLY close to home for me. But I have read one that I absolutely loved. Side Effects May Very by Julie Murphy. Maybe give that one a try? I just found it very realistic.

      I agree. I am so over everything John Green. Unfortunately I don’t think he is going away anytime soon.

  3. I’m not sure why but I actually want to read Moby Dick, I guess its not for everyone but it would be interesting to have an opinion of it even if its not such a good one haha 🙂

    I like John Green’s books but the hype has got to me recently which is a shame.

    Hope you’re both having a great day! Here’s my TTT if you would like to check it out 🙂
    Emma recently posted…Ten Books I Will Probably Never ReadMy Profile

  4. LOL I recently attempted to listen to Moby Dick and I still have no idea what possessed me to do such a thing. I didn’t get very far. I’m not sure if I’ll go back to it. And gawd, I tried to read Atlas Shrugged in high school as a part of this scholarship… I didn’t get very far in that either. Me and classics just don’t get along.

    P.S. I LOVE the new look! Sooooo pretty. 😀
    Bonnie @ For the Love of Words recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Due to Size, Still UnreadMy Profile

    • I’ve actually liked a couple of classics quite a bit. 1984 and Great Gatsby mainly. But I also really like a lot of children’s classics: Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, The Secret Garden, Treasure Island, etc. But I need to read more, for sure.

      Thank you! We love it too!

    • Well, there was the memoir that he lied about and got called out on Oprah. Also, you should google Full Fathom Five. There is tons of information for you out there on the internet.

    • I think loving his first book and then being disappointed by the rest makes a whole lot of sense since they are very similar. I think no matter which one you picked, you probably would have really liked it. But yeah, they do all follow the same plot format.

  5. No One Else Can Have You!!! I started to read it back before it came out, and I had to DNF it. I don’t even have to go into other reasons I won’t read it.
    I have actually never read any of Anne Rice’s books. I just don’t know that they are books I would enjoy.
    I did read TFIOS and I liked it, but it didn’t make me want to go out and purchase everything he’s ever written or anything.
    Moby Dick, I actually did read it back in HS. I don’t remember too much about it to be honest though. Except it was looong!!! LOL!!

    Great list girls!!!
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