5 Best Bookish Moments Seen on TV

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Have you ever been watching a favorite show on TV, when a character or characters remark on something bookish that gets your inner fangirl (or fanboy) going? Well, today I’m counting down my favorite bookish moments as seen on TV!


5. Supernatural and Hogwarts:


I loved this. To give Charlie a boost of courage, the guys gave her a pep talk using Harry Potter knowing that it’d help her out. LOL. And to be completely honest here, that kind of pep talk probably would have lifted my spirits some also.


4. Sam and her book on ICarly:


Okay. So if you have kids, or an inner kid, you probably see a lot of the young adult and children’s shows. My younger one was OBSESSED with ICarly for the longest, so it was on our TV a lot at one time. I’m not afraid to admit though that I actually kind of liked it once in awhile. Haha. Especially this one episode. There’s a particular idea that we all have that one special book in life to make us readers–we just have to find it. Here, Sam has discovered her book and the reaction is fantastic and completely relatable.


3. Rory Gilmore:


There’s never any exact moment when it comes to Rory Gilmore. She is the epitome of bookish moments on television! How could I pick just one? I love her. So I’ll just leave this image because it’s one of my (many) favorites.


2. Dean and The Princess Bride:


I think I screamed when I heard him quote this. Okay, okay, he could have been quoting the movie–that seems to be more popular–but the movie IS based on the book so this counts, I say.


1. Joey and Rachel and the Freezer:


I can’t make this list without this moment in the number one spot. It will always be my favorite bookish moment on TV. I love when Joey and Rachel trade between The Shining and Little Women, yet they both end up using Joey’s ‘trick’ of sticking the books in the freezer when they start to freak out. LOL.



So there it is! What would be your favorite moments on television that involve books?


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