Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This week’s topic: Inspiring Book Quotes.

The written words of books is something more than entertainment. These lines and passages help us in hard times, difficult situations, and even happy events. We can use quotes to sharpen our wits and sweeten our words. If nothing else, they can make for some kick-ass t-shirts.

This week, Lyn and Pixie share the bookish quotes that inspire the two of them the most.


Pixie’s Picks:

I loved Peter Pan as a kid. LOVED. Everything that had to do with Peter Pan. The book, movies, art. I still love it really, and this quote is pretty fitting for me. Haha.

I read Perks of Being a Wallflower about two years ago for the first time, after feeling like the last person who hadn’t read it, and when I happened across this quote in the book I kept thinking how much it relates with so many of us book-lovers. I really do feel like this often, and books in general are a great escape. I felt like this simple line described me (and many book lovers) perfectly.

Ah. This was where I had a lot of trouble when it came time to pick quotes because I could have easily given nothing but Shakespeare. There are so many amazing ones to pick from that I just adore (this one in particular is from Hamlet) and I really plan on getting some Shakespeare-themed tattoo soon.

It was this that started my intense love of Laini Taylor– and one of my favorite series ever.

This is from Ultraviolet, another deep favorite, but with this quote it just struck me as something truly powerful and beautiful.


Lyn’s Picks

This is my favorite quote from Lord of the Rings. In fact, the entire poem is my top-most inspirational quote from literature. I have always loved the idea that wandering is not a negative, horrible part of your life, but instead a chance to discover something new about yourself or other opportunities in your life.

This right here will one day become my tattoo. Taylor’s lovely words from Days of Blood and Starlight caught my heart when I read this passage. To name yourself a sacred protector of something so fragile and short-lived is nothing short of beautiful and heartbreaking.

If I were to get another word-related tattoo (after the one above), this line from Mockingjay would be the thing for me. The line has been a personal mantra for myself, and I love to have it near me, in case of emergency. Does this line just perfectly sum up life in general?

Another gem from Tolkien. The Hobbit endowed the reader with some clever quotes, but this one is a true inspiration. To find something worthwhile in life, you’re going to have to venture off the beaten path from time to time. Uncharted territory can be a scary place, but it is definitely worth it to find something new.

YES! A perfect line from my favorite contemporary novel. Speechless was a little treasure trove of snarky, yet heartfelt lines, to help readers during a very difficult part of life.


What are some of your favorite book quotes? Which words of the authors helps inspire you when you need it the most?

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  1. Gah! Both of the Laini Taylor quotes you ladies featured got me right in the feels! She is such a brilliant writer, it still blows my mind rereading her words ♥ I featured that JRR Tolkien one this week as well – it’s one of my favorites! And you can’t go wrong with Hunger Games, Shakespeare and Peter Pan 😀 Awesome selection^^
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