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This week’s topic: Newly Added to Our TBR

I know lots of people are constantly trying to whittle down their TBR, but I’m not one of them. I add new books freely, without any kind of restraint really. As soon as I see a new cover reveal or an announcement on Publisher’s Weekly, I run straight to Goodreads to add the book. Naturally, this means my TBR list is huge, and always growing. Here are the books Lyn and I have recently added to the bottomless TBR pile.

Lyn’s Picks

PicMonkey Collage1. Ready Player One. I added this when I read some of the wonderful comments regarding this novel on various sites. It helped quite a bit when many bloggers that I trust has awarded this book with high marks. When it went on sale for Kindle, I snapped it up pretty quickly.

2. The Fire Horse Girl. Recommended to me by Kara! This was a find at Half Price Books, which overjoyed me. I’ve had this one on my wish list for a while as high priority.

3. The Undertaking of Lily Chen. I totally blame Bekka. When she featured this this on her TTT for diversity, I started searching for the graphic novel, and I was finally rewarded when it popped up on Book Outlet. The cover is just awesome!

4. The Orphan Queen. I’ve lusted after this one for so long. I bought it the day it hit the shelves.

5. Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke. Pixie and I are, once again, participating in Epic Recs. This was the pick for me from Pixie, which is good, because I’ve very much wanted to read this one ever since it published.


Bekka’s Picks


1. When We Wake. No less than three people on my Goodreads friends list were reading this book not too long ago, and it’s obviously made me curious. I’ve heard only good things about the plot and the richness in diversity.

2. Bone Gap. Sometimes I’ll find an author through controversy. This time, it was the Andrew Smith & sexism thing that lead me to Bone Gap. I loved what the author had to say on her twitter, so while this wasn’t the top of my priority list before, I’ve already got it checked out from the library now.

3. Kisses and Curses. This cover was just revealed on Cover Snark and that’s basically where I find out about ALL books. There are a lot of authors I love partaking in this anthology so there is no way I’m passing it up.

4. The Vow. This is another book, of many, that’s been recommended to me by Dahlia, so of course I want to read it. It sounds SO good, too, so I can’t believe I hadn’t know about it before.

5. Legacy of Kings. Not gonna lie – I have absolutely no idea what this is about. But judging purely on the cover – I WANT.


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    • I picked it off of our TTT from diversity. I loved the cover, and the synopsis sounds so wonderful!

      I do the same thing, Gaby! I have “Buy Me” and “To Be Read”. I like to sort it in this fashion, in case anyone ever wants to do a read along. They know my shelves.

      I do the same exact thing. “Okay, no more books this month. OMG BOOK OUTLET HAS THE WITCH BOY!”
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