Top Ten Tuesday: Favorites from the Last Three Years

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top ten tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This week’s topic: All-time faves from the last 3 years

This week is PAINFUL. It is just plain RUDE to ask this of us. Picking a favorite book is like picking a favorite pet. I can’t decide! Thankfully the parameters are a little more narrowed than just Hey! Pick your all-time favorite. But still, Lyn and I had such a hard time narrowing it down that we EACH did ten this week!


Lyn’s Picks

1. Midwinterblood – I thought I would enjoy this book when I picked it up, but after I finished it, I knew tha I had found a book that would stay with me forever. Sedgwick tackles the theme of love in a new, refreshing, exciting new twist. The star-crossed theme has never looked this good.

2. The Rift Walker – My favorite paranormal series! The middle novel is a beacon of awesomeness – between the girl saving the day, a wonderful wedding scene and some outstanding world building, this book set a bar that is hard to meet.

3. Dreams of Gods and Monsters – The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is in my own book book as one of the best series that I have read, and I fear that nothing will come close to this one. The series produced some of my favorite characters, and the imagery in the novel always sucks me right into the DoSaB universe.

4. Icefall – A sadly overlooked middle grade novel, Icefall is a wonderful and beautiful Norse-inspired novel that champions character and heart. The pacing and the mystery is enough to keep you up at night.

5. Speechless – My favorite contemporary novel! This book has a cast of secondary characters that will steal your heart and a MC voice that stays with you. I love the theme and the integrity of this novel. Even just a few short years later, I still reference back to this novel when I discuss favorites. Speechless made me give contemporaries another chance.

6. Lies We Tell Ourselves – When the author sat down to discuss this novel at BEA in 2014, I knew that I would enjoy this pick. However, I didn’t expect for Talley’s book to enchant me and steal my heart.

7. Keeper – Appelt’s novel is nothing less than magic. The poetic flow and the Coastal Texas setting provides a very enchanting stage for one of the sweetest stories regarding family and love.

8. Siege and Storm – Another middle book in a wonderful trilogy. I actually enjoyed the entire Shadow and Bone series, but Siege and Storm steals the spotlight, thanks to Surmhond.

9. Wildwood Dancing – This novel is better the more you think about it. This novel is truly a leader in the fantasy genre, with characters that are realistic and imagery that snags you right into a wonderful world of family and fairies.

10. The Martian – When I read this one, I had no idea how much I would fall in LOVE with everything about this novel. I’m thrilled that a sci-fi novel can make you laugh, cry, worry and cheer. The humor in this one is perfect, and I just adore the overall voice of Watney.



Bekka’s Picks

PicMonkey Collage21. The S Word – I love everything about this book, especially the voice. It’s like a gritty noir detective story set in a high school, surrounding a young girl’s suicide, featuring LGBTQ characters. Thank you and goodnight.

2. Mothership –
This isn’t a book I would have come to on my own, but the publisher sent me a copy early in my blogging career and I went with it. It ended up being HILARIOUS. Elvie is a whip-smart protagonist, and it handled the teenage pregnancy element well, in my opinion.

3. The Half Life of Molly Pierce –
The Half Life of Molly Pierce is in the top spot of all time when it comes to books dealing with mental illness. This book and this character… I just saw so much of myself on every page and it was at once a painful experience and also kind of like a homecoming. You can read my review here.

4. His Fair Assassin –
I can’t pick just one book from this series, because even though they all have different protagonists, they’re all so connected to each other that you can’t just have one without the other. This is the most well-rounded trilogy I’ve ever read, with not a single character I didn’t care for. And I am in love with the historical fantasy setting, too. The only problem? I wish there was more.

5. Mind Games –
Another series (duology really) that I can’t separate. Mind Games and Perfect Lies were so much more than I expected them to be. In fact, I thought Mind Games was going to be a hate-read/snark review, but instead I LOVED it and ended up rereading it three times in one year. Annie and Fia are two characters unlike any others I’ve ever read and I adore their sisterly bond.

6. Scarlet –
This trilogy will go down as one of my all time favorite series, no matter how many years have passed. Last week I went on and on about how much I love Scarlet as a character, and the series is the perfect frame for her. You can read my review of Lady Thief here.

7. Jellicoe Road –
Lyn and I actually read this together and both of us ended up absolutely loving it. When I first tried it, years ago, I was terribly confused and DNF’d it only a few pages in. But this time, we stuck it out and lo, it was a beautiful, heartfelt book with the BEST book boyfriend around and omg all these feeling are surfacing, let’s keep moving. Read my and Lyn’s thoughts here.

8. Throne of Glass Series –
This series took time to grow on me, but now I’m hooked. I admit to highly disliking Celaena at the beginning but now, three books and one novella collection later, I adore her. She’s one of my all-time favorite main characters, and I know all these amazing things are coming. And I love how each book is just better than the next, so somehow I don’t think any of us are really ready for Queen of Shadows. Check out my review of Heir of Fire.

9. Drowning Instinct –
This book actually came highly recommended by Christina from A Reader of Fictions, and she got that recommendation 1000000% correct. I love a dark contemporary, and boy, does Drowning Instinct deliver on that front. There are some taboo subjects at play in this book, and the author is very much not present when giving us the facts, and I like that neutrality. I think it’s a book that readers must experience for themselves. Needless to say, I really, really loved it.

10. The Lunar Chronicles –
Another series from which I can’t pick just ONE. The Lunar Chronicles is cinematic and exciting and each book offers up a new WONDERFUL heroine. These sci-fi fairy tales have something for everyone in my opinion, and if you haven’t picked up Cinder yet, I don’t even know what to say. The last book is coming out this year and you really, really need to get on this!


5 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorites from the Last Three Years

  1. The Martian was incredible. I really should have made room for it on my list. lol I loved Siege and Storm too but have yet to read the ender because I hate when things end so I’m currently in denial. haha

    Grave Mercy! This should have been on my list. And yessss Throne of Glass series is the best. As well as the Lunar Chronicles. I’m finally caught up! Can’t wait for Winter.

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