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I never thought a house was complete unless it had books. And since I was a child, I’d dreamed that one day I’d have that home full of books and neat ways of storing them. Nooks, libraries, shelves, tables… you name it. I spent hours designing in my head my special homes that would accommodate my books with it.

Then I grew up. Sites like Pinterest and Google Images and Etsy happened. Now I spend hours for real saving pictures and still dreaming of futures that will have these special spots in a home for me and my many books—and many more books to come in my life. Instead of designing the home, I design the spot, with the home designed in my head around that area. My future house will be based around the books. LOL.

*(Recently, BuzzFeed did an article on something similar here, how best to store all of your books and such, and I feel I should go ahead and put that here. Some of my own ideas overlap things within that article and I don’t want any confusion. Haha.)*

Living in a trailer at the moment puts a big restriction on space when it comes to book collecting for me. I have a lot of land—thank goodness I live out in the country at least—and several storage buildings on the property. So every few months, I have to box up some books and take them to a building if I know I want to keep them, or donate the box if I don’t. I probably have about 6-7 boxes out in a building (approx. 120-130 books there abouts), and I just donated 4 boxes last month (about 80 books).

Inside, I have a built-in bookshelf in the living room. And that’s it. It’s 4 shelves on the wall. It holds quite a bit, but I’m still stuck stacking, or I’m piling on the nearby end table or under the table. Lol. So you can imagine, I’ve learned some small tricks to space save around here until it’s time to box up again.

Some small, easy, no-cost space saving tips:

  1. Use an empty dresser drawer to stack books.
  2. Cabinet in your kitchen of no use? BOOK IT UP.
  3. Find a spot in your closet to use. (You can turn this into a cost, but inexpensive, and buy a small towel stand or plastic storage container for storing the books there instead of stacking them on the floor of closet.)
  4. Nightstand drawers.
  5. Neat stacks under various tables—end tables in the living room are the best spots, in my opinion.

But what are some really good projects for the space saver? How about something like this?


(Yes! That’s a hanging bookshelf/table!)

Or even some of these?




I’m thinking of doing one of these over the summer actually. I can’t do a whole lot the way our layout is, but I think I could make something out of this work for ours. I’m kinda digging that armoire reading nook. It’s a project, and would probably take some room—but it looks insanely awesome. So that might come later. Haha. But it’s a great idea anyway. The benches are super cute. THAT I can do. Just put it at the end of my bed as a footer. Yessss!

Also, now that we’re all paid off, we’re hoping to finally start working to build a house further back on the property in the next couple of years, so that once the kids are all gone off we’ll have a house to ourselves with some accommodations to our liking (just a few more short years, and no more kids in the house at all—oldest two are about to be gone within the year, youngest within the next few years. I’m old, y’all.).

A house soon… Which only means:

hidden room

Oh, did I forget to mention I also am I dying to have one of these hidden passage libraries of my own one day? Well I am. They are so cool! I’ll get one eventually, I’m determined!

Yes. My inspirations here for various nooks, more book space, and home libraries. This is all I think about when I hear “more space” and “more of our own style.”


There’s not much in that picture there, but you can imagine the possibilities. I can never find one that’s positively perfect. I find ones I love. But never any that scream at me they’re flawless. There’s always something missing, or too much of something, or just not quite enough oomph in the pic. This ‘blank slate’ pic though is a pretty fantastic start of the many ideas I could begin forming from there.

I love the thought of more than one reading area, too, because I don’t always read in one set spot. I have a favorite spot, but it doesn’t mean I ALWAYS read there.


So, if you could design your DREAM HOME LIBRARY, what would it be like? Would you be like me and have a bunch of reading areas, rather than just one specific spot in the home, or would it be one grand room? I think either way we could agree that a home with books is always glorious!

**all pictures are from various boards on Pinterest


6 responses to “Nooks and Crannies

  1. Jenny

    I think all us book lovers dream of our very own library. I have one in the works. Hopefully by Christmas….

  2. Such a fun post! My room is currently overflowing with books, I can’t wait to have a specific room filled with nothing but shelves and books piled on top of them.

  3. That hanging table is beyond cool. And last picture with the empty shelves? *drool* I love the small little lights above it… I could really do a lot with a wall of bookshelves. Lol But if it were up to me… well, of course I’d still likely have piles all around the house but I would really love to have a dedicated library room someday. Comfy chairs. Tons of pillows and blankets and nice big windows. Yep. Someday. 🙂
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