Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Heroines From Books

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top ten tuesday

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This week’s topic: Favorite Heroines From Books

Who deserves some major love?

Book girls, that is! The lovely leading ladies in our libraries are heroes, role models, friends and companions, and today, Bekka and Lyn are going to share some girl-girl love over here! Because who runs the world??


Bekka’s Faves

Celaena is the absolute BEST for all kinds of spoilery reasons. I started out the series not really understanding her and having a serious issue with the author claiming C was the best assassin ever without actually showing Celaena killing anyone. But by the end of Heir of Fire, I a team Celaena all day.

Sybella is the ultimate broken, dark anti-heroine. Her story is heartbreaking but she is also so fucking bad-ass. Seriously, if you haven’t read this series, you really need to get ON IT.

THERE ARE NO WORDS. Scarlet is Survival of the Fittest personified. She has been through horrors – the absolute worst – and she always survives and becomes stronger.

Katsa! One of YA’s forgotten heroines, as it’s been so long since Graceling was published, but she has a huge spot in my heart. Of course, a lot of why I love her comes down to all the feminism Cashore packed into her books. Also! I think Katsa’s powers are really, really unique and I could spend years just thinking about it.

Cress! Such an underrated heroine. Cress shows us that you don’t have to have physical strength or ninja fighting skills to be tough and strong and amazing. She is smart and enthusiastic and passionate and caring and I JUST LOVE HER OKAY.


Lyn’s Fave Females

Heart of ice, will of steel and temper of fire, Liraz is rough on the outside and quite tender to her causes. She’s hard to win over, but when you finally win her over, she’s the best ally you could hope for, ever. Even with a strong, pivotal romance storyline, Liraz is still able to hold her own.

Adele is yet another girl who survives as a love interest and a strong main character. She takes care of her own while still finding time to snag a wonderfully awesome guy. She saves her hero, saves her country and saves the day. She’s also a cat person. Yah!

Penryn kicks some serious angel butt, set on saving her family while trading snipes with a very hot and very pissy Raffe. I love her attitude, I adore her inner dialog, and her dedication to her sister is very heartfelt and wonderful.

Sarah’s confidence and her strong will to persevere inspires me to find my inner strength. Sarah won me over by the end of the story with her charm and her integrity in the face of some difficult battles.

Dicey was my middle grade hero, and I have to give her some props here. She was the first main female character that I discovered that wasn’t sugary-sweet and well tempered. Reading Homecoming and Dicey’s Song started me on the road to correcting my own self-perception.


Who are your favorite leading ladies? Did we pick some of your own favorites?

14 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Heroines From Books

  1. Jenny

    Great list, ladies. There’s several on here that I need to read still so I can enjoy the butt kicking heroines as well.

  2. I’ve only read Throne of Glass, and I didn’t really find Celaena all that badass in there, unfortunately. >< She wasn't the stone-cold assassin the blurb had said, so I was quite disappointed! But I've heard that she gets considerably better in the sequels, so I'm excited to read them! And omg, Cress. I just finished Scarlet about two weeks ago but haven't gotten to Cress yet. From everyone's descriptions of her, though, I have a feeling that I'll click with her easily. 😀 Also, I love her name. It has such a beautiful ring to it!

    Again, I’ve only read Angelfall, but I totally agree that Penryn is one of the most kickass female heroines out there. Her loyalty to her sister is just so admirable, and I was SO relieved that the author didn’t add in any romance with Raffe, even though I could sense so much chemistry between them. As for the other books on your list, I haven’t read them yet, but I’ll have to soon. 😀

    Great picks, you two!

  3. Flawless taste! Celaena, Sybella and Scarlet are without a doubt three of my favorite characters ever. I love how flawed Celaena is, Sybella is such a tormented character with the best development and Scarlet is lovely with her sassy, big mouth 😀 I also quite like Cress, even when I have a soft spot for Scarlet.

    Liraz and Penryn are great. I especially like Penryn’s loyalty for her family and how she took over all her mother’s responsibilities. Her love for her sister is something I can connect with.
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